Coach Bob Huggins said he was surprised by WVU’s second-half meltdown considering how much better the Mountaineers had been playing of late.

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  • big tom

    usually after a season like this, i am saying to myself that i can't wait for spring football and a new start. But to be honest, i think our football team is in big trouble and probably won';t be expected to win for than 5 games this fall.. couple that with the fin. debt we have incurred and our athletic program looks like it's on shakey ground.
    Oliver certainly has his hands full trying to convince someone to buy season tickets for anything... see where pre season has our baseball team predicted to finish last.
    this big 12 thing is scary,, we won't field a respectable basketball team for two yrs. if that, the fb team looks just as bad, the baseball team is terribly young ,,, wow, the wresting team sucks, what about ping pong at the lair.
    just saying, the two revenue sports are going to take a hit over the next few yrs and just maybe many more if we don't get out act ncaa this year for BB and no bowl this fall for FB... sad,,,

  • Phil M.

    When you hear Huggins say for us to win Denniz has to play well. Well enough said. If we were relying on Denniz this year then what do you expect. That's the best he can do. Put a team on the court and he's your key guy that has to play well. Lets just say what everybody is thinking. He's took a holiday based on the Final Four Appearance. Get to work you get paid way too much to put that product on the court. Huggs is the better coach but Beilen is the better recruiter.

  • Shawn

    Some of the best teams come from those who come in together and learn together. Thats why Kentucky was so good last year. Yea they had all freshmen but they came in together and learned how to play together and within the system.

  • Peasant

    the second half was difficult to watch... so many lazy passes and poor execution on the defensive end of the court... the team acted like it had never seen a slip screen before, Baylor certainly capitalized on the hard hedging our bigs do in a big way!

  • ffejbboc

    I still say lack of team chemistry is the worst culprit on this team. It's a mishmash of transfers, freshmen, and assorted characters who just do not mesh and jell and play together as a team. It's just a collection of individuals running around out there who don't have the team's best interest at heart.

  • Protechcpa

    Baylor possesses superior talent. No disputing that. I thought WVU hung pretty tough the first half. I was disappointed in the repeated lapses that allowed back door dunks. I remember a high school half time speech. The coach said "If they make all their shots from the perimeter, they beat us. But if they are making wide open layups all night, they kill us." When the wheels started coming off in the second half, WVU folded. The Turk had flashes of brilliance and complete failure. I see some emotion but little heart. And little hope.

  • tony

    that was..calls both way the worst, most touchy called game i have ever seen in college. i dont know how you play like that. it was not an excuse-the point that we stood around and watched 3s.
    it went both ways...
    . if it were me, i would really limit statens time and maybe consider the same with murray. after last night, there may be as many as 5 on the team not coming back again.

    • Tom

      Your comments have zero facts to back them. You are pathetic FACT. You are unaware of what basketball is FACT. You have no voice when it comes to WVU basketball because you are mentally impaired FACT. See there are 3 facts right there, it isnt that hard.

    • Charleston

      What prompts you to believe that "as many as 5 players on the team not coming back"?