After Wednesday night’s 80-60 loss at Baylor, West Virginia freshman Eron Harris was disappointed the Mountaineers didn’t show more fire in the second half.

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  • Bill

    I can't believe Coach allowed "The Turk" to get in his face like that, and I agree the officiating was horrible!

  • Ricardo

    The good out of this least we have leadership on the team. The fact that he is a Freshman is tough to swallow. We can only look the future for strong leadership and consistency. I can only sympathize with Coach Huggs. Lots of teaching right now, and loss of hair too!

  • Derek

    I didn't see any quit. The first half was a very bad called half. It put us behind and the officials knew it. The officiating is as bad s the BE. Granted the second half turned bad but I know these guys will win the rest of our home schedule. Love the EERS!!!!!!!!

  • bill

    Why is a freshman the spokesman
    all the time. Problem I see is veteran leadership

  • tony

    we were picked 6th in the league. what are we now? 6th.

  • tony

    deniz did not quit and neither did eron. should have a staff member identify who quit and for how long and take appropriate action..

    i know this is harsh but it has to be said:
    this sophomore class is really good at at least one thing: ....hanging their heads when things go bad..

    exactly what no team needs....when does it end? feeling sorry for yourself is not part of the game.