Several people are behind bars after a major drug bust in Charleston.

Police say they arrested nine people Thursday into Friday and charged them with operating or attempting to operate a meth lab.

Police saw suspicious activity while checking out a house on Elm Street Thursday night. A man got into a truck with another man while carrying a suspicious package.

Police say they followed the two men and eventually pulled them over. That’s when they found meth making materials in the vehicle and arrested the men.

Friday morning, police went back to search the same home and found additional meth making materials inside.

The findings led to seven other arrests.

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  • John

    9 people arrested, 5 of whom are cast members of the local MTV show "Buckwild"....
    Sorry it was too tempting.

  • Jeff

    I find these statement "suspicious" and I am watching you.

  • wvtomd

    i guess the police can say or do whatever they want now. everyone can be suspicious, unless you drive a mercades. everyone has suspicious mail, depending on how nice your house is.

  • RLs

    I am glad the Meth lab and people related to Meth production are off the streets.
    However the statements related to how the police made this arrest are sketchy. They were checking on a house. Saw suspicious activity. Suspicious package. Who defines suspicious? And I am sure the defense lawyer will have a field day with this one.