NORMAN, Okla. – University of Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops officially announced Sunday that Bill Bedenbaugh has joined the Sooners staff as offensive line coach, a revelation that came to light last week through various media reports in Oklahoma.

Though you can’t fault Bedenbaugh for moving to an elite program like OU, his departure is a huge blow for West Virginia, where Bedenbaugh had been in the process of developing an offensive line that will feature at least three new starters next season. Mountaineers coach Dana Holgorsen, whose staff already had undergone major retooling before Bedenbaugh’s exit, must move rapidly to hire a new offensive line coach in time for spring practice.

Bedenbaugh recently was lauded as one of the Big 12’s top recruiters by, for whatever that’s worth, and he contributed heavily to WVU’s 2013 signing class that Rivals ranked 24th nationally.

“Our family is thrilled about the opportunity to join Coach Stoops and his staff at the University of Oklahoma,” Bedenbaugh said in a statement. “I have a great admiration for the championship tradition of Oklahoma football and can’t wait to get on the field with our student-athletes this spring. I’ve admired the Sooners for many years, and possess a great appreciation for the talent on this roster and coaching staff.”

We outlined Bedenbaugh’s ties to the Oklahoma staff in this previous article.

“We are excited to welcome Bill and his family to the University of Oklahoma,” Stoops said in a statement. “Bill is a passionate teacher and a demanding coach who I believe will make an immediate impact on our football team. His track record of developing physical and disciplined offensive linemen makes him an excellent fit for our program. Bill is also an accomplished recruiter who will join the rest of our staff in continuing to attract some of the nation’s most talented student-athletes to Oklahoma.”

Bedenbaugh is an 18-year coaching veteran, and even though WVU’s offensive line wasn’t as dominant as hoped last season, there’s no overlooking the unit’s contribution to the Mountaineers setting a single-season school record for total offense (6,526 yards) and finishing ninth nationally in scoring at 39.5 points per game.



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  • doug

    WVU is an upper echelon team but we are not quite elite yet. That will come with a national championship which I think we will compete for in the near future. I can't blame Bedenbaugh for leaving because of his family situation, however, WV is not chopped liver, I trust Holgerson will find someone capable to handle the role of line coach, which is vital in any program, as well as an excellent recruiter and someone that wants to be here. Go Mountaineers!

  • Jean

    Moose what are you talking about--in past years everyone wanted our coaches. Seriously---seriously--we had to do an assistant coaching salary increase so that they wouldnt leave.

    • JP

      Really? Who did they want? Have Johnson and Mullen even found real coaching jobs yet? Jeff Mullen was hired to be an assistant coach at a college that didn't even have a football team yet. Woohoo! he is really in demand isn't he?

  • derek

    Who cares let go get Coach Trickery and bring guidance and discipline back to our Opine. In fact lets get back Kirlava also.

  • Jethro

    Hey alan does a good job. Assistant coaches come and go. You can't blame them for bettering themselves. Oklahoma might be a little more of an elite program than wvu

    • big tom

      a little more,,,,,,, how many football championships has wvu won, and how many all americans have wvu produced,,, i graduated from wvu, but i hope i am not stupid...
      over the years, okla. has been in a different time zone than wvu in football.. yes we beat them in the fiesta bowl, and i think in the early eighties,, but they have an elite program and wvu right now is only a wanna be program... don't get me wrong, wvu can improve, but it's not going to be easy in the big 12 with the advantage the better teams have in recruiting,,, mark my words, as soon as holgie has a decent team and gets a decent offer, he's gone, ,, that's just the way it is,,, he's a midwesterner and he will go back out there.... morgantown is nothing special so there's nothing much there if you didn't grow up in the area,,, count him gone in a few years, one way or another.

    • John

      Coaches come and go and so do sports writers. We've had good ones and bad ones...

      This was just another opportunity for Allan Taylor to slam one of our programs. What are you going to write about when we start having some success again? It's just a matter of time Allan. Sorry no one in Mountaineer country gives a rats %#! about your SEC.

      Let's go Mountaineers!

  • habibhaddad

    re: Someone at WV Metro News was high when they decided to let you cover WVU athletics.

    Allen does a good job and is factual and accurate. There may be some heartburn in the office over the IMG situation.

  • Mochel


    I love WVU, as I am not just a loyal fan but an alumnus. I would like to believe that we are an "elite" program. That being said, an elite program fills the stands every week. Our student section is embarrassing when the national tv cameras roll over the stands. Look at OU and UT's attendance percentage. Regardless if they are playing Norfolk State or a big conference foe, those stands are packed. No need getting upset at Allan. In order to be an "elite" program, you have to have a couple of national championships under your belt. No harm, no foul, but Allan is right on the money. We have not arrived yet as an elite program. I agree with you to a certain extent... defeating UGA, OU, and Clemson in the last 7 years at BCS bowl games is a step in the right direction. Let's GO Mountaineers!

    • Uncle Fester

      Wait until you see the stands in 2013. Going to be lots of ffans dressed up as empty seats for the 2013 games. What is there, 2 games against I-AA teams in 2013. And WVU and Holgorsen won't even win 6 games in 2013. Man, since that Orange Bowl win, the WVU football program under Holgorsen has sunk faster than the Titanic. Bloop, bloop, bloop.

  • John


    We can't fault him for wanting to be part of an elite program? WVU has three BCS wins in the last 7 seasons. What exactly are we here in Morgantown? You are amazing. Someone at WV Metro News was high when they decided to let you cover WVU athletics.

  • The Sarge

    Re-hire Dunlap!!!!

    • cutty77

      @The Sarge,
      Dunlap hung around long Enough.His main Job Was Special Teams,need i say more.Our Special Teams lost 3 Ball Games.Plus have you seen anybody try to Pickup Dunlap? He is and was a Great Mountaineer,but it was time to go.

  • RCS

    The value of the loss can not be fully known until we know who the replacement is.
    WVU I believe will be able to find someone who will both bring the skill to teach but also recruit. .

  • moose

    In past years, no one wanted our coaches. Perhaps we should be thankful that they are wanted by others.

  • big tom

    how can you blame him,, that is his wife's home state, and his family is there,. plus he appears to be just one more rat deserting the sinking ship at wvu.
    now will holgie hire another buddy, or will he hire someone who knows the job, has done it on a high level, and wants to be at wvu.

    • The Ghost of Freedom

      Idiot Holgerson will hire one of his drinking fraterity brothers to be a coach. Keggers are more important than Pancake blocks.

  • cutty77

    Bill had been here 2 years,not one. We have lost 2 Coaches to Bigger programs than ours.Before he left us,he might of left us with Great Kids he recruited.He did his a Great Job right to the end.Programs all of the Country Know who we are,and know what Kind of Coaches we have.

  • Art in Ohio

    This is a major loss. Heart and soul of an offense is the interior line play. He was a good coach but he excelled in recruiting. To replace him will be a major task to say the least.

    • Jon

      You are right on and I think the offensive line over the next few years will be the best since coach Nehlen. Coach Bedenbaugh will be hard to replace but I also think there is an opportunity for another good line coach to step in and do even better.

  • Larry

    No great loss...

  • Chris

    We need someone who wants to be here not these guys who stay for one year and move on no wonder our team has no consistency.