Here’s my update on the 2014 U.S. Senate race in West Virginia on candidates who, I believe, are definitely in, thinking about getting in, or taking themselves out.

Solidly In

Shelley Moore Capito (R)

The Republican Congresswoman has already announced her intentions.  So far, no other Republican is in the race.  The Cook Political Report rates the seat as a toss-up, but Capito can easily be viewed as the early front runner.
Leaning InRalph Baxter (D)The successful and wealthy attorney is retiring as Chairman and CEO of Orrick, Herrington and Sutcliffe, an international law firm based in San Francisco.  Baxter has strong West Virginia connections; he spent part of his youth in the state’s northern panhandle and his firm opened a large office in Wheeling in 2002.   Baxter is moving back to Wheeling and he’s said to be “dead serious” about running.
Leaning OutNick Joe Rahall (D)The Congressman said on Talkline that he needed to determine if he had the “fire in my belly” for a run at the Senate.  It does not appear that he does.  Rahall, like several of the other potential candidates, is intimidated by the big money it would take to win the race.  Plus, Rahall appears comfortable as the senior member of the state’s Congressional delegation.
Solidly OutCarte Goodwin (D)He served briefly as U.S. Senator after Robert Byrd’s death in 2010.  His name as a possible candidate has been mentioned prominently and he has talked to Democratic leaders in Washington about the race, but he tells me he’s decided against it.  Goodwin says his decision is based on family concerns.  He and his wife, Rocky, have two young children.  Meanwhile, the Goodwin law practice is a safe place to be.
Solidly OutBooth Goodwin (D)The U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of West Virginia has also been chatted up by Washington Democrats.  However, Goodwin has similar concerns as his first cousin, Carte; he has a young family and not the personal wealth necessary to risk his current position, which he describes as his “dream job.”
Solidly OutGaston Caperton (D)The former Governor turns 73 this month and, while in good health, considers himself a little old to run.  If he won, he would be 80 when he finishes his first term.   Caperton might have taken a crack at it had the seat opened up ten or 20 years ago.   Meanwhile, Caperton has been giving advice to his friend, Ralph Baxter.
Toss-upRobin Davis (D)The State Supreme Court Justice certainly enjoys the attention that goes with being mentioned as a possible Senate candidate.  Her husband, Scott Segal, is a successful trial attorney, so the couple has personal wealth.  But Davis just won re-election to a 12-year term on the court and she would have to give up that seat the moment she decided to run.
Toss-upNatalie Tennant (D)The Secretary of State is a popular politician who has proven she can win statewide races.  She’s believed to have her eye on the Governor’s race in 2016, but the 2014 Senate race is also on her radar.  One awkward twist:  her husband, state Senator Erik Wells, plans to run for Congress in 2014.  How would voters react to a husband and wife on the same federal ticket?
Unknown? (D)There’s word circulating of a wealthy, socially conservative Democrat who is interested in running, but the name has not yet surfaced.
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  • David B. Wamsley

    Hello-My name is David B. Wamsley and I am a registered precandidate for the Democratic party nomination for US Senate. Please check my some of my ideas and platform. Yes, I am an underdog but I have a number of positives that may help me reach the people of West Virginia, ideas that set me far apart from Shelly Moore Capito and the Republican party. Thanks for your time, Dave W

  • JT

    Why not commentary or speculation on McKinley is he definitely out?

  • welfareworker

    Mr. fester i did read about the "clean coal technology andi noted that it was made possible by a 5 million dollar grant from the federal government. form those evil folks at the Department of Energy. it will be very costly to retrofit plants to use this technology. i bet those companies will expect a grant from the federal governmnet to supplement costs. i copied the statement below from the article:
    "Yet the federal Department of Energy believes that the process can create 20 megawatts to 50 megawatts by 2020, said Jared Ciferno, the agency’s director of coal and power-production research and development, in a statement.

    The government plans to continue to support the project, as well as the concept of "clean coal" in general."
    i guess the evil Obama government is good for something after all.

    Read more:

  • PC

    OH, yeah, Dems, bring in a lefty shyster ringer from the People's Republic of Frisco, the left coast mecca of freakshow lifestyles which gave us the Botox Bimbo, Nancy Pelosi, and her radical leftist politics which has poisoned Congress and the nation. I am sure the undereducated masses here in WV, as the Gazette opines in explaining the emergence of a real 2 party State, will see through this desperate left wing maneuver.

  • Uncle Fester

    Whats the Thursday topic Hoppy??
    The new technology breakthrough and the ability to burn coal without 99% of the bad emissions?? Why was it that Ohio State Univ. could make this discovery and not WVU and all the money they have spent on clean coal technology??? Lets see what the neo-liberal have to say about this. The Usual Repressive Progressive Liberals probably haven't heard about it yet. You know it won't be covered by NBC or PMSNBC News, so they probably haven't heard. Please enlighten them.

    • Hop'sHip

      Uncle F: I hadn't heard of this. Thanks for not providing a link to any report covering it. Was it on Fox News? Did Glenn report it? I wonder why, since they believe climate change is some big elaborate hoax. I provided a link to information I was able to find. Please note this:

      The technology, developed by Ohio State University researchers with FUNDING FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY (emphasis added)

      Wasn't that one of the departments your man Rick Perry wanted to eliminate - the one he couldn't think of?

      • GregG

        This was reported a couple weeks ago. Here is where I seen it.....

  • ShinnstonGuy

    One thing is for sure: after this website changed design we have a lot more extreme and off-the-wall comments on here.

    • Hop'sHip

      I found your comment extreme and off-the-wall. What we strive for here is group-think. Before you post anything ask yourself "would Hoppy approve?".

    • GregG

      Fun, isn't it? Nice to have a place to rant, poke fun and discuss issues of the day.

  • WV Citizen

    We need to start a commitee to stop Ms. Captio. How about "Just say NO to Capito". Sounds good to me.

    • Shadow

      I just wonder how she keeps getting elected. I guess she must have learned the Democrats method of voting early and often. Maybe it is just that she is from the dumbest section in WV.

  • WVToTX

    It is weird that people hate Raese but love Rockefeller. They accuse Raese of being from Florida etc... But Rockefeller and Byrd never really lived in WV. Fascinating.

    • Uncle Fester

      I know exactly what you mean. It is the hypocracy of the leftist, socialist, progressive liberal democrats that is their calling card. Never are the elitist, liberal, progressive democrats consistent in their rantings and arguments.

      • GregG

        Hypocracy?? Ha, ha, ha!! Rantings on the subject matter of being "two faced" coming from a person that has changed his user name more than Sen. Byrd or Jay ever changed their stance........ now that is priceless! Your on a roll today Festering Fungus.

        • Uncle Fester

          Ask hopship how many times he has changed his moniker??? Several. I use the one.

          • Hop'sHip

            Moniker, Uncle F? Are you sure you don't mean underwear? I admit to changing mine everyday. It's the progressive thing to do. I believe you when you tell us you regressives only "use the one". But it might explain why no one wants to be around you.

      • Hop'sHip

        Gee, Uncle Fungo... or whatever the F you are calling yourself nowdays. Maybe it has something to do with that Byrd and Rocky pushed for policies that happened to help most West Virginians - you know, the takers - while Raese espouses policies designed to help people like him - the wealth usurpers, I mean, creators.

  • Hop'sHip

    I'm still holding out for Don Blankenship. Only he can be counted on to look out for the interests of the RIGHT West Virginians. Nobody hates those meddling feds and and self-serving unions more than Don. He is probably the best friend of coal (Sorry Hoppy. I'm sure you are second best!) and will make sure that darn EPA doesn't impede out-of-state interests from exploiting our natural resources. And of course Don would show no compunction for throwing those greedy poor people under the bus. Why settle for Shelley when you can have the real thing. (Unless that guy from Florida, decides to run again. He and Don our soul-mates)

    • Raymond


      Glad to see you are finally coming around. I have read this MB for several years, I knew it was just a matter of time before you finally saw the light. Thank you

    • GregG

      I am hoping Oliver Luck decides to run. Maybe if he gets his "businessman attitude" out of Morgantown I'll be able to afford re-newing my season tickets this year. But on the other hand, if Luck got elected Budweiser would be $240.00 a case and we wouldn't even be allowed to have a cigarette with our beer.

      • Hop'sHip

        I don't know. Ollie might have gone too far when he upset the WV MetroNews empire. He might decide to just leave the state and serve as financial advisor to his son. I'm sure that would prove to be more lucrative. Which leads me to this question for anyone astute in logic: If MetroNews is the "Voice of West Virginia" and "Coal is West Virginia", does that make MetroNews the "Voice of Coal"?

        • GregG

          Yea, I bet ol' Luck didn't think the same crosshairs would be placed on him that was put on Garrison. Just proves my point that even in the world of the high and mighty, holy than thou, self-proclaimed patriotic republicans, there is no honor among thieves. Greed supersedes party loyalty.

          • Uncle Fester

            We are going to have to report you to the ASPCA there GregG. You keep beating a dead horse. The "greed" horse you have beaten to a pulp. That horse is FUBAR, just like you liberals.

        • Uncle Fester

          Democrats are anti-Christian. Anti-Christians are anti-Christ. Obama is the leader of the democrats. Does that make Obama the anti-Christ???
          By using your logic, the answer would be a resounding "yes".

          • Hop'sHip

            Oh, by the way Fungster. I had asked for input from someone ASTUTE in logic, not OBTUSE. But your effort was appreciated. It was like watching Deniz shoot fouls

          • Hop'sHip

            Well thanks you F. Now I think I got it. Let's see. You are Christian. You are a toady for the rich. Thus Christians are toadies for the rich.But what about that old camel, eye of a needle thing Jesus spoke of? Does that mean Jesus is anti-Christian too?

          • GregG

            For someone that can't even decide on a user name, it must have taken you awhile to piece all of that together Fungo/Fester. Being that I am one that lacks any religious affiliation, I take no issue with your "democrats are anti-Christian" remarks. But logic tells me some will be a tad taken back by your remarks.

  • Shadow

    Right now the Country is in one heck of a shape, heading toward bankruptcy and turmoil. The majority of those that put us there are lawyers. So why do we vote them in? We need someone who is not fixated on making new law and cares about the economy and a reduction of government size and regulation. I hope some business man steps up.

  • CaptainQ

    Hoppy, is that 'mystery man' Jim Humphreys? He has two of the main qualifications to be the heir apparent of Jay Rockefeller. One, he's a Democrat and two, he's RICH.

    That's all you need to get elected in WV, correct?

    • welfarworker

      but he has never been elected and spent a boatload of money trying to get there...

      • CaptainQ

        Guess that puts Jim in the same league as John Raese... oops, sorry Hoppy, but it is true. Facts are facts.

  • Jon

    You can surly bet that the Democrat elitist who runs for Senate will be in the so called "one percent" and be a friend of O'bama. It's funny how people believe he despises these people when he is a "one percenter" and so are most of his friends, like Tiger.

  • wvman75

    Right now, we are represented by a flip flopper and a carpetbagger. Neither is accurately representing their constituents.

    • Wowbagger

      You mean Lord Joe the two faced and Lord Jay the privileged?

      Frankly I am getting tired of the self serving "socially conservative Democrats" who pretend to support the people of West Virginia and then suck up to the progressives in DC. At least Lord Jay doesn't pretend to listen anymore, but then he will never run again.

  • wvman75

    Capito will be getting my vote. She stands for the interests of West Virginia, unlike the current crop of Senators supposedly representing the interests of our State.

  • Gary

    Anyone but Pro Banking and Pro Oil, Shelley