MANHATTAN, Kan. — Deniz Kilicli scored 14 points but wished he could have avoided first-half foul trouble when K-State built a 13-point margin.

“I just tried to adjust in the second half – because I knew that I’ve got to be as clean as possible,” Kilicli said. “I could’ve helped the team in the first half. The way I played in the second half, if I had played like that in the first half, it would have been a closer game.”

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  • cutty77

    DENNIS has Herman Munster feet.He can't move against Good Players Period.

  • Billy

    I think the team we are putting on the floor is lacking, but when you travel across the country to play a game over and over again it can be expected. Mr Luck has ruined the whole thing. WVU sports are just not the same.

  • Allan Jones

    A tale of two games. Against TT the refs allowed us to play physical beyond sometimes the acceptable. At KS, the refs allowed KS to play beyond the acceptable. They constantly grabbed, bumped, hacked and pushed Eron to the point he couldn't function and the same for other players on our team. Although, they did call many touchy feely fouls on them after they built up a sizable lead, we just couldn't get on track and over take them. I have to admit the officiating in the B12 really appears to be lacking.

  • wvtd

    could have, would have and should have.