MANHATTAN, Kan. — West Virginia reserve point guard Juwan Staten, who produced eight assists, eight points and three steals during Big Monday’s 71-61 loss to Kansas State, couldn’t explain why the Wildcats got so many open looks.

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  • Jethro

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. Just look at the quality of athletes anymore. This generation of kids aren't motivated. Look at the lack of quality in this years nfl will only get worse

  • Bill Carter

    Huggs missed a great chance to show leadership with this team when Harris was called for the "T", he could have gave Harris a pad on the rear and talked to him like a man, but what did he do" he gave Harris a threatening look and later allowed other team member to blame the loss on him. I like Huggs, but he needs to settle the hell down and get his "MoJo" back.

  • wvtd

    "Cincinnati's Bob Huggins Charged with DUI

    Bob Huggins was arrested for drunk driving after meeting with a recruit." 2004

    he needs help and i think no one close will tell him.
    just has others meet recruits now.

    • Grant

      2004, really?! Come on man.. We hired a coach not a preacher! Plus, these kids aren't chior boys either. He had some bad luck on two consecutive recruiting classes, some due to health and some other issues.. We have a top 20 class coming in and are two years removed from a Final Four, and he has forgotten more about the game than you have ever known.

  • MountainMovers

    Then something is really wrong, because after all those years playing in the Big East - including a conference championship and a Final Four appearance - West Virginia should be fielding an entire team of guys who can actually play. Other successful programs parlay their success into a steady stream of high quality players. But this hasn't happened at WVU. Why???????

    • Shawn

      Because these kids except 3 or 4 haven't bought into the system like Butler, Smith, Ebanks, Flower, etc. did. They were gym rats and our players now are not. To be a superior athlete you have to go above and beyond and these kids havent figured that out yet.

  • Allan Jones

    Enough of the drunk comments! If I had players as bad as Huggs has, I think I might have a drinking problem too. Juwan can't explain because he would have to admit to not knowing how to cover his man at all times, know where he is and keep harassing him and this goes for the other players too. They have too many mental breakdowns and lack basic basketball knowledge to play at a high skill all the time.

  • wvtd

    May be hard to think when a drunk in a large sweetsuit is sreaming at you.

    • shawn

      It's pretty hard to get up to play when fans like you are constantly bashing the team and the coach. Your comments are old and asinine.

      • Jeremy

        Good point Shawn.... Can't stand to hear all the bashing....and those people will be the first to jump back on when we start playing good again and say I've always loved them even when they weren't very good!!!