Three teenagers are facing serious trouble for a weekend break-in at Winfield Middle School.   Principal Gary Cook says he got a call on Saturday morning from officials with the youth basketball league about damages to the gymnasium.

“They gained access through the demolition part of the existing building and knocked down plywood doors leading to the gymnasium,”  said Cook.

The school is in the middle of a construction/demolition project as a new addition is added.    The vandals turned over a scrubbing machine and spilled water on the gym floor.    The floor is now warped from the water.

Cook said the trio then used a dumb bell weight to break down the door to the coach’s office.  Once inside they used a golf club to smash several computers, a pop machine, and destroyed some golf and archery equipment which was stored there.

“There’s a deputy who lives adjacent to the football field and he noticed the lights on about 1:30 on Saturday morning,”  said Cook. “He came over and they were just in there having a heyday.”

The deputy arrested all three individuals.   One is 18 and according to Cook was jailed on charges of vandalism.  The other two are 17 years old and were released to the custody of their parents.  

No other information on the suspects is available.   Cook says the vandals did not gain access to the newly constructed part of the school.


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  • wvtd

    good luck with that. the parents will probably blame the school or bush for the actions of these morons.

  • chas

    We need to try and STOP this " madness"-- NO MERCY - complete restitution - and jail time !!! Accountablity to ALL !!

  • Lenapeman

    The name of the 18 year old should be published and the two 17 year olds should be tried as adults All
    three should be required to pay the
    full amount of the damages. A zero
    tolerance is supposed to be in effect as a result of the 2000 fire
    that destroyed GW Middle. If the
    punishment is light it will not
    stop. A message needs to be sent.
    $5000 is the max. amount parents
    are responsible for a juvenile. If
    an adult is responsible they have
    To pay it all.