WVU safety Karl Joseph faces DUI under 21 charges after being pulled over by police in Morgantown over the weekend.

Police stopped Joseph, 19, along Beechurst Avenue at about 2:45 a.m. Sunday.  Officers said he was driving without headlights on.

Police say Joseph had bloodshot eyes and smelled of alcohol.  He failed two sobriety tests and had a blood-alcohol level of 0.054, according to police.  While lower than the legal limit for people older than 21, the level is more than twice the 0.02 limit for people younger than 21.

Police charged Joseph with DUI under 21.  He also faces charges of possession of false ID.  Police say Joseph had Isaiah Bruce’s ID in his wallet.  Bruce, a WVU linebacker, is older than 21.

Joseph is free on $300 bond.  He’s the second WVU player arrested over the weekend.  Travis Bell, a junior safety, faces misdemeanor domestic battery charges after police say he got into a fight with his girlfriend.  Bell is free on $7,400 bond.

Police say Joseph admitted to drinking at Club Slevin on Walnut Street in Morgantown.

The misdemeanor DUI charges could result in a fine up to $100.  The false ID charge could bring a fine of up to $500.

WVU Head Coach Dana Holgorsen told The Dominion Post he was aware of the situation and is gathering facts.

Joseph started every game last season.

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  • Uncle Fester

    Drinking and driving. In possession of a false ID. Underage drinking in a business establishment. All crimes in the West Virginia Code. I wonder if the cops will look at the business, Club Slevin, for allowing underage drinking in their establishment?????? Like most things in Morgantown, it'll be swept under the rug too.

  • bluestone

    Everyone Needs to Chill Out --------

    Think About It: A BAC level of .054 at 2:30 AM after being at a bar shows that while he did drink --- he did not drink enough to be impaired. In fact -- I would think he probably refrained from drinking anymore than a few beers because he knew he was going to drive.

    Based upon his BAC level he consumed at the about 3 beers.

    If he had been age 21 he would not have been arrested.

    I'm sure as a college student he drinks and has probably been drunk. Too luck for Karl, but I for one feel that was he responsible for not being impaired.

  • WV Patriot

    These players are responsible for their own off field actions. not the coach. They should not be exempted or shown favoritism in court. It's obvious the fake I.D. Use is an additional slap at the law. He should pay his penalty just like anyone else in this state. End of story.

  • polarbear

    How in the hell can anyone with any sence(Marshall fans have none) hold the coaching staff responsible. The NCAA has rules about how much time coaches can spend with players. Huggs was talking about this a few months ago. He stated they want me to make sure kids stay out of trouble, but tit is a rule violation If a coach spend to much time with a player.

  • thornton

    Buckwild may have an opening or two in it's roster.

  • Michael Horne

    I agree with RCS, this is a stupid comment. a Another Black Eye for the program? Give me a break these are college kids, crazy to think some of them drink ahhhh shocker there. Blame Dana? Really he is supposed to watch these kids 24/7 365 cause he is there coach? wow thats great idea.Throw a rock why don't ya.

  • Thom

    Another black-eye on the WVU program and coaches. Yes, the attitude of the head coach does make a difference. "He who parties and drinking, condones partying and drinking."

    • Doug

      Thom, Stewart sadley is gone. There is no way he can coach again. Get over it. Keep in mind had Joseph been 21, he would not have been arrested.

    • Brian

      If I were to begin "listing" the MU players that have been arrested the last 5 to 7 years I would need a volume the size of War and Piece!!
      Get over yourself Thommie.
      ALL; and I mean ALL programs have these young men doing stupid stuff - it is an occupational reality when you deal with 18 to 23 year-olds! I do, however, think Holgs needs to gather the team and lay down the Law! He is going to have a tough enough time next year anyway without these issues popping up.

    • RCS

      Yes because a grown man (Dana) drinks hes telling his players under 21 that its ok to drink. My parents smoked as I was growing up that didnt mean they were saying it was ok for me to smoke while under the age of 18. Its not the coaches job to babysit these players. Its the coaches job to habdle these situations when they arise. But trying to pin this on the coach is byond stupid.

  • shawn

    I'm really surprised this kid got into trouble. Dana needs to lay the smack down on him real quick! And the battery charges are filed anytime a man and woman fight. Still doesnt make it right though. Come on guys...get it together.