UPDATE– Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin will sign an executive order Wed. for a mine safety stand-down given there have been four mining deaths in the last two weeks. A stand-down requires coal operators to halt production for one-hour during a 24-hour period to focus on safety.


United Coal Company officials say they are deeply saddened and concerned about the loss of a second miner at the Affinity Mine in Raleigh County this month.

Miner John Miles, 44, of Hilltop, West Virginia was killed around 8:00 last night when he was run over by a scoop.   

“We certainly want to offer very deep condolences to the Miles family,” said Jennifer Guthrie, spokesperson at the company’s headquarters in Blountville, Tennessee. “We’re very concerned and deeply saddened to have to announce the second incident and fatality here.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the family right now.”

Miner Edward Finney died in an accident at the Affinity Mine on February 7th.  Guthrie said the two incidents are not related.

Investigators say Miles was shoveling excess coal near the mine rib when he was run over by the machine.  Investigators are attempting to determine how it happened.  Until then, the mine is idle.

“Certainly all the employees have been sent home for the time being as we continue the investigation,” Guthrie said.

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  • wvtd

    a bitter unionite no doubt.

  • John

    United Coal Company officials say they are deeply saddened and concerned about the loss of a second miner at the Affinity Mine in Raleigh County this month, but sued the miners family for loss in coal production. Company officials stated the man was replaced within the hour with a new hire.

    • RLS

      You Sir are a flaming idiot. Once again we have someone suffering from oral diarrhea. Someone who opens their mouth without any clue to the reality of the situation, and allows excrement to pass from their cranial cavity down ward and out the oral opening between their nose and chin.

      God Bless Mr. Finney's and Mr. Myles family

  • cutty77

    2 times same people,and same mine.Thats enough,period.

    • RLS

      Yes. It's very sad, tragic, devestating, all those things.
      And you seem to think that 200-300 other families should be forced to welfare & foodstamps because someone made a mistake.
      Wait to review all the facts before you shut the doors on everyone.

    • RS

      Blah blah blah.
      Do you work there? Did you witness either event? Have you talked to anyone who did? Do you have any understanding of the events other than what is in the papers? I am guessing you have not, based solely on your uninformed response.

    • Been there. Investigated that.

      You Sir are uniformed, and totally ignorant of the causes of both accidents. Until you personally interview witnesses and gather all the facts you have no basis for your opinion.
      Regulations, nor legislation will ever stamp out human error.
      It is a very sad, depressing situation. God bless these men who gave their lives earning a living for their family.
      Both accidents could of been avoided if idividuals had followed current safety laws and standards.

  • RHytonen

    Is it time yet to address the
    -beyond rampant, ABSOLUTE-
    Regulatory Capture,
    that IS West Virginia politics?