WVU head coach Bob Huggins says he overscheduled, misjudged this year’s squad. Juwan Staten says the issue is mental. Mike Carey tells us what the WVU women need to do to make the NCAA Tournament.

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  • big tom

    well, huggie admits some of the blame,, he says he may have over rated his team. no kidding.
    but , you take away the thre seniors and we are really young,,,harris and henderson havebeen bright spots, they are are fr.
    Losing KJ was one huge loss for wvu, and as the big 12 stated, replacing him will be huge, thus no.6 in the conf. , turns out we're no.7
    will be get better, next yr. will you never know how the recruits will turn out, who's leaving from this yr's team prematurely, but our recruiting class is ranked second in the big 12,, it's a start, and bobbie is looking at others to expand this class...again, who's leaving, ,,,, and once again, this screaming on the sidelines at our players, has got to stop, i have quit coming to games because of it,,, huggie , you have lost control, and show no class at all ,doing this,, chill , , take a lesson from Beilein.

  • Bob

    Maybe Huggins has lost his touch when recruiting? He inherited John B Dean's List BB players - only two players on this team are on the Big 12 Academic Team. John B had 1-12 players on the Dean's List/AD Honor Roll.

    His assistant coaches should have reaped great benefits from his Final 4 Appearance and they all squander the opportunity to bring in a great class of players. The guys who blew the opportunity are still here - why?