A former corrections officer at the South Central Regional Jail is now in custody after allegedly firing a gun during a domestic dispute Thursday morning in the Cross Lanes area.

Kanawha County Sheriff’s Dept. deputies say Gary Lacy, Jr., 35, of Cross Lanes had arranged a meeting with his wife Sara Lacy in the Cross Lanes Kroger parking lot. He wanted to tell his young children that he loved them. Sara Lacy had earlier in the day gotten a protective order against her husband.

Deputies say during the meeting Gary Lacy produced a handgun and fired it once as his wife and children fled the scene. They were not injured. Deputies say Gary Lacy also left the scene and allegedly threw the gun out in the Point Harmony Elementary school zone. It was recovered by police.

Police were alerted to the situation by Lacy’s mother who flagged them down near the school.

Gary Lacy was arrested after a traffic stop on Big Tyler Road. He has been charged with wanton endangerment. He’s being held on $25,000 bail.

Lacy lost his job at the South Central Regional Jail last Dec. after allegedly smuggling two cigarettes to an inmate.

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  • Jose

    Have known this guy for a very long time. Good family man, good heart. Is passionate about family n thats what got him in trouble here.

  • Teufel

    The mother should be charged for child endangerment. She files a protection order then takes children to meet him.... these poor kids have a difficult life ahead with parents like this.

  • NorthernWVman

    Really you folks are supporting this guy???? He committed a felony by bringing contraband into the facility. That is what he was caught doing let alone probably the majority of other things he did. Then he discharges a firearm because he is apparently upset over a custody and the protective order. Second chance for someone that now has apparantly committed to felonies?!?!

  • MommaT

    I don't personally know Gary, but I know his family. I live right up the road from him. Whatever is going on with him is sad. He has a beautiful wife and loving children. All I know is he needs prayers. I hope that he can get passed this and straighten his life up. I agree with WVirginian For Life, everyone does deserve a second chance.We all make mistakes, and yes this is a very bad mistake but hopefully he can seek the help he so desperately needs.

  • Jim N Charleston

    Way to go South Regional Jail & State of WV, fire a guy for smuggling in 2 cigarettes. This certainly lets everyone from the Governor & the Head Coaches at WVU and on down know that no more Tom Foolery, Shenanigans, and-or Ballyhoos will be tolerated.

    • Silly

      Cigarettes are a form of currency in the jails. Those willing to smuggle them in are often paid thousands of dollars from the outside to do so. If this guy was smuggling in cigarettes he was contributing to a criminal activity. Glad to see we now have bloggers who think responding to a crime is Ballyhoo.


    He seems like a decent guy. He should be supported so he can resume a normal relationship with his family and still be a productive citizen. Everyone deserves a second chance. Custody battles often favor one party.