School leaders in Lincoln County will have to regroup now that voters have soundly rejected a proposed $24 million dollar school bond.

Vote totals released on Saturday showed 595 people voted for the bond while 1,777 voted against the 15 year long bond that would have built two new schools and renovated several others.

The projects that will have to wait include the following:

– A new $18 million consolidated elementary school for Midway and Duval with space for 600 students.

– A new $12 million Guyan Valley middle school for more than 270 students in grades six through eight.

– More than $6 million in new athletic facilities at Lincoln County High School, including a new football field and running track.  Another $3 million would have been put into additional classrooms and other improvements.

– About $1.7 million in upgrades and additions at West Hamlin Elementary School.

The state School Building Authority had allocated $17 million for the Lincoln County projects with a bond passage requirement.  Members of the SBA will now consider other ways to spend that money.

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  • E

    That new school needs a new football field, who wants to play at Hamlin, that field is cursed of losing!! You people should have voted for the $$$$$!!! U will now see several people leave this county and I don't blame them. Hamlin/Harts got what they wanted and everyone else didn't get what they needed. So long LC

  • Don

    If they would take out the 6 million for athletic facilities it may have passed. Bonds are supposed to be to fix and build schools.

  • Sean

    Well, I have witnessed the despair of teachers, students, and infrastructure in two other counties in this state that led to there near collapse and destruction all to save a few bucks in taxes. Ask those people about their views on a school levy today and they will beg for it like a stranded person wasting away in the desert, begging for a drop of water. All I can say is don't gripe and complain when all goes down the drain and all services that you once had are now gone or greatly diminished.

  • will h

    Who suffers? The students in Lincoln county,beside 24 and 17 is 41.

  • JB

    Why in the world would you people reject that much $$$$$$? You had the chance for two schools and were told what was gonna happen if u didn't vote several years ago=one school. Now you vote down this, bring in the mobile trailers way to go!!!!!!!

  • GENO

    It is doubtful that 24 million would have built two schools ?????