MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia University officially announced the hiring of offensive line coach Ron Crook on Monday, adding the former Stanford assistant a mere two weeks before the Mountaineers are scheduled to begin spring football practice.

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Ron Crook joined the West Virginia coaching staff Monday, giving him two weeks before spring practice opens.

“Ron brings many years of outstanding offensive line coaching experience to West Virginia,” WVU coach Dana Holgorsen said in a statement. “He has helped developed winners at his stops and comes highly recommended. He brings a professional and positive attitude and expects toughness from the players. He has a proven track record as a teacher, coach and recruiter. He is a West Virginia native, who wants to be here, and I look forward to his contribution to our coaching staff.”

Note the “who wants to be here” part — a trait Holgorsen has emphasized in recent months after players or coaches left the program. Crook is replacing Bill Bedenbaugh, who left WVU for Big 12 Conference rival Oklahoma.

Crook spent the past two seasons working with Stanford’s offensive tackles and tight ends. That followed an eight-year stint as the offensive line coach at Harvard. Neither of those offensive systems resemble West Virginia’s uptempo Air Raid attack, so Crook’s installation should add an interesting storyline to the offseason, especially with WVU needing to replace three starters on the interior line.

“One of the main reasons I wanted to come here was because I know how important football is in the state of West Virginia, especially the Mountaineer football program,” Crook said. “I’m very excited about this opportunity to work at a program with the history and tradition that it has. I understand the responsibility that it involves, and I don’t take that lightly.

“I’m excited to be part of Coach Holgorsen’s offensive system. When you’re an offensive coach, you like scoring points. It was good to meet with him (Coach Holgorsen) and see his vision for the program. I look forward to working and learning from him and the other members of the staff. I’m excited to get started.”

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  • Steve Greer

    Did anyone think that the Big 12 would be a cakewalk? Give WVU coaches, staff, and administration some time. For WVU to waltz in and dominate Big 12 football and basketball the first year was a pipe-dream hyped up by the media. A media that was all to quick to unload on the team without considering the Big 12 is one of the two toughest conferences in the country. Give them a little time. Defense, Defense, Defense!

  • Tony Patrick

    Hey I am glad to have fellow W.Va. Crook on the WVU Offensive coaching staff, but isn't our big problem the lack of defensive coaching? After all when you are ranked last in NCAA defense, don't we need to hire a majority of coaches with talent in that area? Don't recall any coaching hire to solve the major problem in are we doomed for the lack of defense again nex year?

  • Hop'sHip

    Does Holgersen himself "want(s) to be here"?

  • Det198SW

    With the rebuilding that will be required with the offense I am more concerned with what kind of defense we can field. If we have the same as last year 7-5 might look like a good season. It does look, at least on paper, that WVU did get some defensive help. Let's hope so.

  • Helen5844

    I do not know why anyone would want RichRod back. He wanted to go. He never said he wanted to come back. He never said he was sorry he left. In fact, he made fun of the mountaineers for trying to get out of the Big East. I for one never want to hear from him again.

  • gary saunders

    What WV town is he a native?

    • Old

      Ron is from Parkersburg. He went to Parkersburg South High.

  • Preston Thompson

    Welcome home Mr. Crook!! You will look great in WVU Blue and Gold. I know you will be getting our offensive line in shape to dominate in the BIG 12. Go Mountaineers.

  • Bdub

    Welcome home. Let's get this offensive line crew rolling in the right direction and help protect this new quarterback.

  • unclec

    Glad to see some more WV blood back in the program. Who ever hired him THANK YOU. Now lets get rolling and show WV PRIDE.

  • Allan Jones

    Welcome home!!! I know once you settle in you will have our young men getting in shape for the 2013 season. Good luck!!!

  • big tom

    HUGE step in the right direction, i think Luck has a big influence on this hire.. Hiring home grown coaches just might keep them here longer.
    Big guy looks like someone you better listen to and someone with experience at a great school.
    step by step, Luck is putting his mark on this team,,,now how long holgie will go along with this, i don't know.
    but we've hired back two coaches who left us, and brought in a native west virginian. Our next step is to hire richrod and OC.
    now , people will have to give this new staff time to coach up our players and keep our new LOI recruits.

    • Luke

      Isn't that the problem? Luck putting his mark on the team and the athletic program? 7-6 in football and 13-14 in basketball in a span of what two seasons? Take in $80 million and spend $92 million in a program that has been fiscally sound for more than 40 years and still unable to compete? Yeah right Luck has made his mark.

      • Bruce

        Take in 80...spend 92? Hey, hey, hey, he's a shoo in as a politician!
        Imagine what fun he could have with billions and trillions!

      • Luke is stupid

        Luke - it's a down year in both sports.. Shut your mouth. troll.

      • David

        You do realize our football team just played its first season in the big 12 against seceral of the fastest paced offenses in the nation , when we had no defense, right? And basketball, we have two seniors who aren't star players, the rest sophomores and freshman? Don't flip your lid yet, just wait. Good things will come soon.

        • Det198SW

          AND a basketball coach making 3.2 million a year and keeps making excuses. Personally, I think Huggs either recruited bad players, they are not coachable or someone on the coaching staff isn't doing a very good job of coaching. Good article in the Dominion Post sports section this morning about what migh happen with recruiting for next year.

  • Art in Ohio

    Allen,,,,How are the new recruits, on the offensive line, taking the news of the hiring of Coach Crooks? Have you heard?