Second District Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito says it seems like everyone agrees that something must be done to reduce federal spending.

She says the question that still has to be answered, this week, is whether those reductions will be made automatically, through sequestration that is scheduled to start taking effect on Friday, or some other way.

“We have to look at cutting government.  We have to look at efficiencies and it’s almost like, in some ways, while this is not the preferred course, it’s ripping the Band-Aid off and having to face it,” Congresswoman Capito said on Monday’s MetroNews Talkline.

President Barack Obama has proposed reducing the deficit by $4 million through to cuts to wasteful spending and the elimination of tax loopholes for the wealthy, something Republicans oppose.

“He doesn’t seem to want to get into the issue of cutting and here we are,” the Republican Congresswoman said, pointing to Friday’s looming sequestration date.

She says the U.S. House has sent two bills to the U.S. Senate with more targeted cuts that could possibly replace the sequester.  As of Monday morning, though, there had been no action on those proposals.

Congresswoman Capito says it’s time for all sides to come together.  “The President has got to come to the table, along with the leadership in the House and the Senate, to move this forward,” she said.

In all, if they take effect as scheduled, the automatic cuts will total $1.2 trillion dollars over the next ten years.  There will be cuts for defense, education, small business, food safety, research and mental health treatment.

The White House says some of the effects from the sequester in West Virginia this year will include a loss of $5.8 million in funding for primary and secondary education; furloughs for 2,000 civilian Department of Defense employees; the elimination of Head Start for 500 kids and cuts of $96,000 in law enforcement grant money.

Congresswoman Capito says there is still time to come up with other ways to cut.  “I hope these discussions are going on behind the scenes,” she said.

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  • west virginian

    Shh, wait and see what effect cutting a few pennies out of the Govt. Bureaucrats pockets.

  • NorthernWVman

    Yet they leave out the part that even if this sequester happens they will still out spend the year before. They will just not be spending as much as they would have.

  • Bob Daniels

    Glad to see Shelley standing up for WV! She works very hard for us and continues to call for a sensible compromise. Too bad Obama, Rahall, and J-Rock won't be as reasonable as her.

  • JimJim

    She is one of the problems, has she done anything for WV???

    • wv citizen

      Capito will just vote the way Boehner tell her to. She really has done nothing to help WV.
      We need to "say NO to Capito". She is a follower not a leader.

      • WVWho

        And Rubberstamp Joe will say one thing to your face and vote however the libs tell him too. These are all puppets folks. Vote them all out and require pay based on performance only and a limit of two terms for starters.

  • JimJim

    So why doesn't she do something????

  • WanMan

    wvtd is right, I'm glad to see someone else say it. Republican or Democrat, politicians don't really care what you think. It's time for Americans to stop siding with these folks and start demanding performance. This fighting amongst ourselves over which party is right has got to stop.

  • wvtd

    we the people are being lied to by both parties.

  • Gary

    The talks need to happen, That is why Capito, McKinley and the rest of Congress took vacation last week, Pay Congress minimum wage. Maybe they will work harder for their money like the normal Mountaineer. Make them take Medicare and Social Security, not private special insurance and benefits

  • derek

    Congress needs to start by cutting there pay or I should say freeze there pay for non performance!