U.S. Senator Joe Manchin fired back Wednesday evening against claims he is lying to West Virginians about his gun stance.

“I’m a proud gun owner,” said Manchin in a statement. “Nobody is going to take my guns and I sure as hell not going to let them take your guns.”

Manchin made the statement following remarks made at the State Capitol by the Executive Vice President of the National Association for Gun Rights Dudley Brown.

“He’s lying to West Virginians when he has this pro-gun image, yet goes back to Washington, D.C. and starts talking about expanding the Brady registration system,” said Brown on Wednesday’s MetroNews Talkline.

Manchin referred to the comments as “a bunch of crap” and added that people don’t know what they are talking about.

Brown was at the State Capitol urging Manchin to vote against any additions to current federal background check requirements for gun purchases.

“Senator Joe Manchin is one of the cornerstones and keystones for passing (President) Barack Obama’s gun control agenda in Washington, D.C.,” Brown said.

Right now, only guns sales to individuals from federally licensed gun dealers require background checks.

Brown says even that existing requirement infringes on the Second Amendment.  “We’ve now agreed that this right is now a privilege that we’ve got to ask government permission prior to exercising,” he said.

He says adding to the check requirements will not prevent any future mass shootings. “These systems don’t work.  They never have worked. All they do is create lists of gun owners,” Brown said.

After the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut last December, President Barack Obama proposed universal background checks as part of a larger gun control package.

Senator Manchin is one of four U.S. Senators working on a different plan for expanding background check requirements. Manchin said the bill he is working on will not take guns away from West Virginians.

“The only bill that I have worked on and am working on is one that will keep guns out of the hands of criminals and people mentally deranged,” said Manchin. “And that’s a fact.”

The others who are reportedly part of the talks are Republican Senator Tom Coburn from Oklahoma, Republican Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois and Democrat Senator Charles Schumer.

“Frankly, we don’t want it,” Brown said of the group’s potential plan.  “We want it stopped.”


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  • Steve

    Notice that there's nothing specific about what he's "working on?" And he's in bed with Schumer, one of the most anti-gun politicians on the planet. Manchin turned into Obama's lap-dog as soon as he got to Washington.

  • Harrison Co

    He is playing semantics. He is not in favor of outright confiscation. However, he does support magazine capacity limits, mandatory registration and additional background checks. Words matter and anyone with any sense can see through PC Lawyer Speak.

    Gun control is the very definition of a slippery slope. Gun rights advocates have accepted and live within the current 20,000+ gun control laws in effect right now.

    Why doesn't DC Joe come out and state he is flatly against Sen Feinstein's bill? Why is he the first one on MSNBC supporting gun control?

    No further restrictions on my inalienable right to protect myself and my property. None. Not one more inch.

  • Jon

    Is it just me or is Joe Manchin starting to look and act like John Kerry. Democrats need to join Republicans and prosecute those violating existing gun laws. They won't though, because Democrats are super soft on crime and criminals. That is the very root of the problems we face.

    • Walda

      OMG Jon, I sure hope he isn't acting like John Kerry! Kerry fabricated the story about his Vietnam experience, most likely about everything else he supposedly did in his life. (With the exception of riding for years on Ted Kennedy's coattails) Kerry is nothing but an arrogant liar and obama puppet.

  • adk

    I hope all you who voted for Joe and Obama are happy.

    • Barnney

      Actually adk, I'm feeling pretty happy.

      • JImJim

        Me Too. I'm feeling pretty happy...

  • Tim C

    Joe always says he'll always do "what's best for West Virginians"........No Joe! You are supposed to do what WE DECIDE IS BEST! You work for us......remember? No on gun control of any kind.

  • Jethro

    You got to stand for something or you will fall for anything

  • j

    As other posters have stated, I too have on several occasions attempted to contact via telephone and email our infamous King Joe to voice concern and opposition to certain gun control issues. Those attempts have gone unanswered with no response what so ever. Every other national representative we have from WV has responded, whether favorably or not.......but they have the decency to respond to a constituent that put them there and gave them thier job.

    Obviously Joe continues to think he is better than everyone else. the headline on this article........ saying that is full of crap.... just goes to show how out of touch with all of us he really is...........

    If Joe feels like he is being singled out....maybe he should start listening a bit to those whose opinions he is supposed to be representing.....rather than the 1%ers he hangs out with.

    • Protechcpa

      Manchin is crying the blues only because he is the one who has been caught in a web of lies. I have never thought of him as a particularly bright man, but at this point he is essentially labeling all West Virginians as stupid. He must think that we believe only what he tells us, we know only what he wants us to know. Manchin, news does not travel by pony express back to WV. We all have TV, radio and one or two of us have that new-fangled internet box. We are not deaf, dumb and blind as you wish we were. We see. And we are watching you.

  • a WV gun owning- democrat -NO Joe!

    Manchin played politician and let pro gun West Virginians down. He made a fatal error trying to be the hero - he picked the wrong issue - imo

    If West Virginians feel so strong about gun rights , then now is the time to be heard.... Iam calling daily myself and come election time I will make my statement at the polls.

  • ShinnstonGuy

    I didn't realize that if you said anything about negative about guns or proposed one single change to a law that you were magically "anti-gun." It must be tough living in a black and white world when the real world is shades of grey.

    • Shadow

      The problem is that a lot of us have read the Amendments to the Constitution and take them very seriously.

    • Patriot

      The constitution is black and white. Shall not be infringed isn't a suggestion.

      • polarbear

        The constitution is NOT black and white. That is why it can be changed and interpreted by the supreme court. Nice try

        • Bill

          The Surpreme Court can't change the Constitution itself although they can try to 'interpet' the amendments which they can not change. To change an amendment a bill has to be advanced in both the House and Senate and passed by both and then ratified by a 2/3 majority of the 50 states that would vote on the change thru their state legislatures. It's done that way so that our bill or rights can't be changed at the whim of a majority of the 12 appointed judges in the Surpreme Court that may have thier own political agenda for some reason.

          • J.R. Skene

            While you are trying to give us all a civics lesson, you should know there are only nine Supreme Court justices.

      • J.R. Skene

        Well regulated is pretty black and white too. See? It can be played both ways.

        • Bill

          In the 18th century when used as in the 3nd Amendment wording 'regulated' meant being 'trained', not burdened with ' restrictive regulations ' as we think of it today. All able bodied men between the ages of 18 and 45 where required to have a 'military grade or quality' firearm and sufficent powder and ball for the firearm by law. The men where considered to be more or less a reserve and not generally required to be trained or 'regulated' by drilling until called although some states did require some drilling at different periods. Many people misunderstand that when they read it today and think that 'regulated' refers to laws being applied. Check it out in a good dictionary that gives multiple definations for words and you'll find it also applies to training.

          • Bill

            2nd Amendment, hit the 3 in error.

  • george

    why not background checks--wouldn't want a convicted felon buying any firemarn nor a crazed domestic violence predator.......Am I missing something here?.........

    • cindy

      As it's been pointed out several times, these gun "restrictions" only penalize legal, law abiding citizens. People can get guns if they want a gun. They just won't get it legally. I don't want them restricting us to the point that the good citizens can't defend themselves against the nutjobs.

    • Don Jr.

      George - The problem with "universal background checks" is that it takes away the right of a law abiding, gun owning citizen to just up and sell a firearm to someone of their choice. American citizens have given up enough rights. The NRA can give you the facts and figures better than I, but crimes, true crimes, committed with firearms are not being prosecuted as much it was in the past, the crimes are still being committed they're just not being prosecuted. The Sandy Hook shooter was a very troubled young man that spent his days in the basement playing shoot'em up and blow'em up video games while idolizing the cowardly killer that shot all those children in Scandinavia. The media's reporting of these cowardly attacks is lacking in focus, to say the least. The fame and portrayal of being some sort of a victum that these cowardly attackers get is a large part of the problem itself. The mother that was murdered by her own son the Sandy Hook case had been trying to get professional help for her son but was unable to do so as of then according to reports. It is true that she should not have had the access to firearms as readily available to this young man and this is a trajec mistake. It is easier to make that mistake than one might think, because everyone wants to trust their own children, even when they prove themselves untrustworthy. As terrible as this tradjedy was, trying to criminalize law abiding, gun owning citizens is not going to help matters at all. We need better education for folks dealing with the mentally ill, better treatment options, less violence in our entertainment media sources, more responsibility being shown by the news media and movie producers, more security in our schools. By more security, I'm talking about not locking a glass door and calling it "safe", use steel doors. Also, qualified armed guards should be utilized where needed and certain school employees should be trained and armed. All of these things would make an impact.

    • Larry

      Your're missing the fact that criminals don't fool with background checks. We need no more laws, enforce the ones we've got.!

      • Mac

        Criminals don't go to gun dealers. They hit gun shows where they don't have to do background checks. But Manchin is apparently an idiot for wanting gun shows to do a background check...

    • Shadow

      How many times have you heard a parent say that he/she would spank their child if they did a certain thing. And repeat the same words the next time and do nothing. That is exactly what a Background Check is. You swear that the ATF Form contains the truth, the Background check says no and you don't get the weapon. However, you have committed perjury and no one is ever prosecuted. You say you are not on drugs and there is no check for that unless you have been convicted and the data entered in the database. You say you have no mental illness and who of us is totally sane! You say you are a US citizen but how do you check that with 20 million illegals in this Country and we just started giving Drivers License and verifying with a Birth Certificate. It is a Feel-Good solution with moot benefits.

    • KWG


    • thornton

      I assume that folks are afraid that any listing of gun ownership accompanying a background check is the first step to confiscation.
      They are the inch equals a mile folks.

      Actually, the background checks now in place are only as accurate as one is honest.
      More checks will only raise costs and are unlikely to prevent many tragedies.

      Essentially, a feel-good measure.
      Still, they do not bother me overmuch but I do not buy into the extremist's views and fear-mongering on either side of the issue.

      • bulldog95

        Check out what Washington State tried to pass with Senate Bill 5737

        Thats the ground work for taking guns away. The sponsors of the bill said that they did not read the bill, its 8 pages.

  • JBinWV

    So many of us tried and tried to tell people this last election that Manchin was a turncoat and an Obama man. Yet the voters still sent this man to Washington D.C. Now you get what you deserve Manchin supporters. Maybe one of these days you will wake the heck up. Go ahead, make your calls, send your emails, Manchin is already bought and paid for. He's been promised a position somewhere in the Obama cabinet, and will not be running for Senator again. So he doesn't care about re-election. Mark it down here folks.

    • Brian

      Obama has less than four years left in office. Manchin wouldn't trade 3 years in a cabinet position for a lifetime of landslide reelections to the Senate. I'd say less than a 1% chance you're onto something there.

  • wvtd

    joey can say and do whatever he wants too in d.c. and knows he will be re-elected for life here at home. a leader for lemmings and plenty of them.

    • Ed Leary

      Robert Byrd lite ...

  • Bryan

    I am glad to see someone stand up to Senator Manchin. I have tried to contact him through email and phone messages but it seems that he does not value the things that West Virginian's value. Electing him was a mistake for this state. I hope he has a change of heart about this issue because everyone I know values the second amendment - the right to keep and bear arms.

  • James Dietz

    I have supported Mr Manchin since his run for Governor even though he belongs to the other party.

    I have contacted his office to ask him to vote against ANY further firearm control bills. All I get from him is BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

    Obviously we have elected just another "darn" politician that changes his position as the wind blows.

    I suggest a recall petition if he votes for ANY further restrictions.

    • derek

      Well said James, I have had the same issues with Senator Manchin's office not responding to any of my emails regarding a variety of subjects! I guess we don't matter anymore now that he and his family are living in Boom Town.

      • Jeremy

        Yep, he has his head in the sand. I wrote him weeks ago with no reply as of yet. I guess he didn't like my suggestions.

        • NorthernWVman

          That is because he is inundated with calls, letters and emails. I have got one response after repeated contacts.

  • David Kennedy

    Mr. Manchin was asked to align himself with the NRA and take the 'High Ground on this most important issue.
    He decided to 'waffle and play both sides. Sometimes a person must make a stand...even one single time.
    The voters of West Virginia are on to his 'she-nan-a-gans this time and are watching very closely.
    With West Virginia voting strongly Republican in these current election cycles, He may very well become a 'one-term Senator.

    • Mac

      So you agree with the NRA that no background checks should be performed and anyone, including felons and terrorists should be permitted to buy firearms?

    • loran

      This man is a democrat and a liberal. These people cannot be trusted on anything. But then again, you all voted him into office. I guess you have to live with that.

    • Jim Green

      One term. One term only as a politician. Vote him out ! Vote him or her, Out ! If we have questions as to our politicians interests aligning with, OUR interests . . . vote them out !

    • Dave

      I'll tell ya right now that it doesn't matter to many of us WVians how many times this traitor rolls, just by associating with the traitorous emperor wanna be that's sits in this nations highest office makes him the same to us, so needless to say unless he fixes the next election it's our intent to see this man standing in the breadline like the rest of us!