Any coaches salaries for middle school and high school coaches in Preston County will have to be raised by the schools themselves. Preston County Superintendent of Schools Larry Parsons said the cuts come as a result of the county’s overall deficit.

Preston County Superintendent of Schools Larry Parsons

There will be no coaches salaries for middle schools and high schools in Preston County.

“We have a huge debt that’s been incurred here over a process of time in excess of $2 million,” Parsons said. “There are just not enough other items to look at and exchange off, to say that we’ll fund coaches salaries, but we won’t fund something else.”

In all, the money saved by the county on coaches salaries will be $64,000 ($48,000 for high school coaches).

“We’ve pretty much turned over all the rocks that we’re aware of to look for pennies,” Parsons said.

Despite the cuts, Parsons said that doesn’t reflect on the overall value athletics.

“We understand the importance of sports and the difference it makes in the lives of students, saving at-risk children and keeping grades up, along with the recreation opportunities,” Parsons said. “We’ve been asked to look at things differently to meet our budget.”


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  • J-Rizzle

    Sad that with all the waste, this is where they choose to cut. These guys already got next to nothing for their work. Now, they just get nothing.