MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The fallout from another West Virginia basketball loss included this string of tweets Wednesday night from WVU coach Bob Huggins’ oldest daughter, Jacqueline Huggins, including one message criticizing the Mountaineers’ point guard.

In the final seconds of a 65-62 home loss to Baylor, WVU’s Juwan Staten tried a 3-point attempt that was blocked by Baylor 7-footer Isaiah Austin. That apparently didn’t sit well with with Jacqueline Huggins, who has a history of tweets mocking refs and opposing players.

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  • cutty77

    As for the Scouting Report on Staten.He's 0 for 8 on 3's this year.This is Bad Coaching from Huggs,this is why you keep a Timeout at the Ends of Games.These things happpen when your a Bad Team,They got Very Good Calls from the Officials that night too.Had no business losing that game,but they did.Now Kansas will BLOW US OUT OF PHOG ALLEN FIELD HOUSE.

  • Tony

    Staten was a major headcase at Dayton. He - and his dad who sat in on practices and constantly ripped the coach in local media - single-handily deep-sixed what was a very promising team. Huggins obviously ignored all this but nothing has changed with Staten since his high school years. I told my WVU fans to expect this of Staten. Guess I should have told Huggins too.

  • Tim c

    I'm glad Huggs daughter spoke. Staten is a major league head case and I hope his scholarship is pulled at the end of the season. He had his mind made up to take the last shot against Baylor as soon as he received the inbounds pass. That is why he walked the ball up the court, so there wouldn't be a enough time left run the offense. Baylor was smart putting the 7-footer on him. Their scouting report on Staten was dead-on.

  • MJC

    @ William. Next time you have a thought. Hold it.. Just saying.

  • Bill

    I doubt if Bob is pleased with this. Her profanity only adds to the sad drama.

  • kemp

    MetroNews Staff....Nobody attaches their name to quality journalism anymore?

  • Jim

    Well, this is social media that is working at it's best. I got upset too about the end of the game but I didn't do what she did. On the other hand, I don't blame her at all. Staten should had found a shooter to take the last shot ... by the way, he is the point guard and assist maker. I could only question his thinking and his BB IQ.

    • Alum

      Exactly, welcome to the world of social media.

  • pghmountaineer

    This is so bizzare. I've never seen a coach's family member call out a player in public.
    This is unbelievable.
    Oliver Luck has to be wondering what is next?
    Shame on his daughter. Someone needs an old fashioned spanking.

    • Pam

      daughter speaks the truth, the ball should have been passed, staten is a ball hog..

  • gv

    Let me guess, she was wearing a big black pullover sweatshirt.

    • JTJ

      Isn't she employed by the university. Nice example.

      • Shawn

        I thought it was her sister who was employed by the University.

  • Jack

    The announcers for the game last night commented they had never heard of a team that did not have a single player averaging in double figures. How odd is that? Huggs will right the ship. There were several big name coaches such as Rick Pitino that said Huggs would win a national title at WV.

    • JTJ

      Wasn't Rick the one that likes dinner tables

      • Jack

        Well yeah.

  • William

    How is Juwan Staten still on the team after he GAVE HUGGINS THE FINGER JUST BEFORE HALF-TIME OF THE TEXAS GAME! Everyone know what STATEN thinks of Huggins. This is HUGGINS fault, he recruited them(jr.tranfers) and he know of the BAGGAGE IS THAT COME WITH THESE PLAYERS.

    • darrell

      William please consider a name change a suggestion would be Richard Cranium, because you are! Quit watching tv in the dark. The next time you have urge to be negative punch youself in the nut sack! please sir.

    • Dave

      William = Marsha fan. Write correct sentences much? Does not look like it.

    • Paul

      William - Staten wasn't a jr. college transfer. He came to us from University of Dayton as a transfer due to the coaching change at that school. Support the team and players and don't add fuel to the fire. Build the kids and encourage as best we can. Let the Denzic and Kevin Noreens of the world handle the other players.

      • UD Fan

        UD Fan here,
        Staten pulled the same BS at UD. Luckily for you, you didn't have his dad sitting in at every practice and going into locker rooms after games to trash the coaches for not letting Juwan take the game over. He caused a huge rift in our program, had a big hand in Brian Gregory leaving for GT, and then tried to get taken back by the new regime, who told him "thanks, but no thanks". I'm sorry he's your problem now. I thought for sure Huggs would set him straight.

  • cutty77

    Boys and Girls THE APPLE DON'T FALL TO FAR FROM THE TREE. The Huggins Circus is in Town.LOL

    • William


      • Pam


      • Ann

        That is not how you solve the problem. Leave him alone. Huggins is a great coach. He will come through but it may take a couple of years. He also has had a great recruiting year.

        • Tony

          The recruits he has coming in next year, the team will be like the final four team we had, real talk and lanky and give opposing team matchup fits, with the players we have this year... Harris.. Henderson.. Hinds.. Murray.. all still have at least one more year of eligibility

      • Tony

        This team would not win 5 games without Huggins, you sir are ignorant in regards to the game of Basketball, 3rd in career wins among active coaches, and you want him out

  • bdub

    It's got to be nice to have a daughter that will stick up for her old man and say what she knows he feels inside. I agree with her 100%..... Let's Go Mountaineers.

    • Shawn

      I mean I would take up for my pops all day every day but calling out one of his players like that will definitely have repercussions in some way.

  • Shawn

    And why would you write an article about this junk anyways? Prime example of the media adding fuel to the fire. You guys are a joke!

    • cutty77

      You bring up a Great Point,but Huggs is a perfect Person for the press to have a Field day with,now his daughter is in The Show.I bet its already Hit ESPN,and ETC,ETC,ETC I'm sure The Big 12 Loves it too.Wonder where she learned to Cuss.Droped The F-Bomb too.I'd say she better not go to Kansas.

      • Uncle Unctuous

        The one thing I like about her tweets is that they aren't peppered with random capitalization.

      • Ed

        Why would she? Her name is not Dorthy.

  • Shawn

    And so it begins!

    • Randy

      Coach Huggins is one of the greatest coaches in college basketball. His record speaks for itself. His love and compassion for his players were displayed when Butler went down with a torn ACL. There is a lot more to basketball than physical ability. This team has the ability, but isn't very smart. Bad decisions have cost this team a winning record and a trip to the NCAA tournament not coaching!

      • Chip

        Huggs has a great lifetime record, but if he is so great, why a $25,000 bonus for beating a team in your own conference you play twice a year?

    • william

      Did you hear 'JUMPSUIT HUGGINS' post game comments? He throws his players under the BUS all the time! I bet some of these players will not be back next year. HUGGINS IS TIRED OF THESE PLAYERS AND THE PLAYERS ARE VERY TIRED OF HUGGINS. This coach has failed, he has been an embarrassment, and this team he losing and the way they are because of POOR COACHING. Any basketball player(recruit) that would come to WVU to play for this coach would be making a BIG mistake!

      • Pam

        I like that jump suit huggins..

      • Luke

        Do yourself a favor William, root for Michigan and Arizona State, but take your disloyalty somewhere else, we have enough front runner fans as it is.

        • Pam

          I would rather root for michigan & beilein , to watch them looks like the best wvu team I have ever seen..exciting games..fundamentals, they can pass, shoot, .huggins next year going into 7 years at wvu..hope he makes the top 25..for once without beilein players..

      • scott

        well will have you not watched the past year huggy has been here he coaches the same just no fire in the players belly no mountaineer pride I hope they are tired of coach riding them because they just don't get results 35% from the field is not going to win games

      • Tony

        You people act like he has no right to be aggravated if you aren't pissed at this team then you haven't a clue about what heart is... like him not saying a word would help their empty possessions, if they leave next year good riddance we have solid recruits coming in... and Coach will get the benefit of the doubt before any player, no matter how talented or untalented the player is

      • robert

        William, we faithful Mountaineers are as frustrated as you are but we remain loyal. We don't need your type of recruiting.

      • Larry

        This is an open door for all the Huggins relatives and paid trolls to come out in force to defend the great one.

        Too bad his daughter appears to be following in his footsteps...

        Staten is not the problem missy...It's his coach who is the problem.

        Sorry dear...

        • mike

's evident that you've not been watching this team or basketball in general. Staten isn't the only player that tends to forget how to play team ball, but he's the worst of the bunch. He plays his "playground ball" and all that does is hurt the team. As far as Huggs daughter, she's entitled to her opinion as same as you.

      • Easy e

        Do you not remember Huggins run to the final four and the moment with butler when he tore his acl..... These guys can't even shoot the rock you idiot

        • WILLIAM


          • Barry

            Sorry man - you are wrong - Kevin Pittsnogle was a Catlett Recruit Committed during Gales watch - he was a huge part of Coach B's team. Also KJ was recruited by Huggs the same year as Truck and Ebanks

          • Mac

            Both of you are wrong but that's ok. Beilein had to clean house when he came in. After that first year he had all his own players. Huggs has brought in some great players. Devin Ebanks was his recruit but he left early. (Imagine the team we could have had last year with KJ, Truck and Ebanks!) Huggs also lost an entire recruiting class. They just quit. So now he's piecing things together with a star that left early, an entire class that quit and a very young team.

          • brian

            Coach Beilein won with Gale Catlett recruits. So, what is your point William?

          • CW

            Dont know the entire roster off the top of my head but I think Ebanks was a big contributor and Huggins recruit.

      • Ed

        I have coached at the college level and believe me Huggy can coach with the best of them. Some players just do'nt get it.
        You have to play hard every night, not just when you feel like it. The players that won't be back next year, should not be there this year. Let them go and see how they fit in at this level elsewhere. I would have my son play for Huggins anytime.

        • Tom

          I agree with Ed. Some players just don't get it or they cannot make the transition to college ball. I would even go as far to say that some of these players are un-coachable. Facts are facts. I've seen more selfishness and lack of effort from certain players on this team then I have ever seen at WVU. By the way, Huggins is an outstanding coach... just ask players from previous years if they would play for him again.

      • Isaac

        Okay, you're either just hating on WVU or just plain ignorant of NCAAB. Huggs' record speaks for itself. That is all.

      • nick

        Your an idiot william. Lets not forget about the final four a few years ago, but yeah he is an awful coach. Stay a bandwagon fan like most of the other WV fans

        • Mack

          You're right Nick. I haven't forgotten about the Final Four a few years back. Isn't it surprising what a coach can accomplish with someone else's (Beilein's) players! From that point on Hugg's teams kept failing. Even his foul mouth has transfered to his daughter, "Jacqueline," as her language revealed in one of her recent tweets - - (as shown above)! Shameful.... WVU is better than this! This guy is a loser, and a bumb. "Thuggins" needs to go! Problem is, who would be dumb enough to take him?

        • Eric

          Don't call somebody an idiot when the first line of your statement is spelled wrong.

          • Mac

            He did not spell anything wrong. He simply used the wrong word. Seig Heil, Grammar Nazi!!

      • wvufan

        the Hall of Fame coach has forgot how to, William, I respect the fact that you are a WVU fan, but if you think Coach Huggins is a poor coach, you have a lot to learn about basketball.....

        • GetaClue

          Coaching is much more than knowing how to play and teach basketball! Respect is whats lacking here! He doesnt treat his players with respect on or off the court! I wouldnt respect him either! Its very hard to follow a leader like that!

          • Tony

            Respect is earned not given and Huggins has earned a lot more respect than most people involved in College Basketball, you attacking the wrong person, he and everybody that is a fan of WVU has the right to disrespect that abomination of a team, absolutely absurd to put Coach on the defensive, I still think next year we'll be a lot better with the recruits we have coming in

          • KJ

            Wow.... Nothing wrong with Huggs... Its the kids that my generation is raising... You cant criticize my baby, or yell at my baby.... None of these guys has ever been held accountable for anything their entire lives.... We all tell them how great they are for 18 years and now when they are faced with some adversity, they don't know how to deal with it because they have never had to, we fight all their battles for them...

        • CB