MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The fallout from another West Virginia basketball loss included this string of tweets Wednesday night from WVU coach Bob Huggins’ oldest daughter, Jacqueline Huggins, including one message criticizing the Mountaineers’ point guard.

In the final seconds of a 65-62 home loss to Baylor, WVU’s Juwan Staten tried a 3-point attempt that was blocked by Baylor 7-footer Isaiah Austin. That apparently didn’t sit well with with Jacqueline Huggins, who has a history of tweets mocking refs and opposing players.

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  • MedmanW

    WVU major sports are in big trouble. We pray that things will be better next year, but that is an emotional reaction, rather than reality. There is no way we can replace all of the skill players on the football team which had an awful season. Combine that with a totally disorganized basketball fiasco, makes one cringe when thinking about next year. Worse yet, the financial situation at WVU will require some major increases in revenues to keep pace with the budget and this runs counter to the declining attendance at the games. I will continue to send my annual donations to WVU even though I see some really tough roads ahead.

  • Brian

    We are still better than Marshall, but that don't take much.

  • Jack Leg

    Okay guys who are calling for Huggs' firing... do you actually think we could bring in a coach who can recruit any better players than Huggs has signed during his career? WVU has good talent now but that group of young players have not (yet) performed as a great team. So what? The Big-12 has offered some new challenges AND some new opportunities. Pre-season speculation of winning the Conference was pretty insane to start with. Will WVU compete in the Big-12? Most definitely.... but we could use some more depth...and a 7-foot center...and some 50% FG shooters...and some 90% shooters from the line. I will try to be patient and watch every game next year and beyond just as I have for the past 30. I must try to avoid reading Tweets though....

    • MedmanW

      Jack, In my opinion, Huggs is a hall of famer that we hired on the downside of his career. His recruitment since coming has been mediocre at best and he went to the final four with mostly recruits from Belien. The way he berates his players and his declining win/loss record tells me that he is following the same, exact pattern that plagued Catlett when he had to resign at mid-year. Our program is in serious trouble.

  • Moon

    Staten has such quickness to the hole and it is wasted because he is clearly not where he needs to be mentally. Anyone that passes up an open 3 point shot to dribble and take a contested 18 foot 2 point shot...has some mental challenges. He could be amazing with his quickness, but his decision making and defensive lapses make it difficult for him to be effective. Sad really.

  • joe

    My only comment is what does our coaching staff see in these players to recuit them; do we get honest personality evaluations of these kids? Their "it is all about me' mentality is what is killing this program, and I know that that is the thought process of today's generation.

  • MrJ

    Herd Hater spotted!

  • Pam

    maybe wvu can rent to locaL CHURCH TEAMS & other pick up teams to use the new practice facilities since mens team obvioulsy doesn't use it much.

  • john

    I guess like father like daughter. Hey Jackie who recruited Staten? Owe it was your dad. You and your dad need to take responsibility for some of the worst recruiting in the 27 years I've been watching this team. Ask your Dad to get Belien to recruit some more players.

  • Mister Ed

    Jacqueline got it right...Staten: a bad one man show

  • Ann

    I support my team but I agree that his daughter doesn't need to be running her mouth on public social media.


    I too wondered why Huggs Would have someone who has never made a three, take the last shot?? I'd bet that's not the way the play was supposed to be run. I'll be surprised if Staten plays in Kansas today!

  • Greg

    Jacqueline is spot on! For the most part they've shown no heart or grit from the beginning of the season on. Everytime you start to feel good about them they let up. Not very often I'm glad to see a season come to an end but this one. But this is one for me.

    These guys are so similar to my hometown NBA team the Charlotte Bobcats (soon to be the Hornets again, hallelujah!) its scary. Last season they were the worst team in the history of the NBA and continue to be. And who owns/runs this team you ask? Look it up if you don't know. A basketball legend just like Huggs. It just goes to show that great leadership doesn't always translate into great success on the floor. Players have got to want it and put the burden on their own shoulders to win games. Until that happens in Motown its never gonna get better.

  • Pete

    Somewhere in the middle the truth lies.. Yes Huggins recruited these players. Can he coach? Sure, getting a team to the Final Four isn't easy with anyones players! I really think Huggins can't judge character. I mean look at his classes the past 3 years what a train wreck. Gotta think Ryan Boatright saw the writing when Jabarie was signed. Hugs was fortunate for a long time recruiting in talent hotbeds (IN/OH/KY/IL). Now he has to convince (NJ/NY/PA/MD) players to come to Morganhole - tough sell. I think he should leave recruiting to others and just focus on his coaching strengths. Just my opinion..

  • thornton

    Classy Tweet.
    Social media does little but lower the bar and establish that children come in all ages.

    It's a game....the cycle will cycle, with players and coaches.
    Huggins remains a plus.
    Fret about something with actual importance.

  • Matt Turner

    William, you're a tool! Shawn, you hit the nail on the head!