A home invasion in Kanawha County sends one woman to the hospital.

Kanawha County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a call around 3:30 Thursday afternoon to a home on Miller Road in Pinch.

Deputies said a family member found a 74 year old woman unconscious with serious injuries. She was transported to the hospital.

Deputies said the woman’s home was ransacked.

The woman’s name and current condition has not been released as the investigation continues.

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  • cutty77

    Beat them within a inch of there life.They will get the message.Like the Bible says a Eye for Eye.Ouit trying to make these people something there are not,there animals.Treat them like animals too

  • wvtd

    arm yourselves or be a victim. learn to shoot straight, take a class and practice. here in nitro the so called police are to busy at ginos to do much good for anyone, unless you are a city employee of friend of someone who works at the courthouse. wait until the herion becomes as common as tobacco, you have seen nothing yet.

  • Tim c

    I hope the woman is okay. My advice is to keep a gun by your side and blow the $%#€ away as soon as they enter. If more people did that, that would curb some of this violence. When is the last time police ever prevented a crime?

  • west virginian

    People convicted for home invasions of elderly people should be given life in prison, and release non-violent prisoners on a one for one basis

    • Shadow

      How about executing them and keep the others in prison!