Photo courtesy WVOW Radio Logan
State Police say this tree fell from the hillside above Route 10 near Logan Friday and crushed the driver of a passing vehicle.

State Police in Logan County say a man is dead after a tree fell from a hillside right onto his passing vehicle Friday morning.

Troopers say Carl Adkins, 29, was traveling on Old Route 10 into Logan near Gino’s when the tree came down crushing his truck. Adkins was pronounced dead at the scene.

State Troopers are investigating.

The accident happened at around 8:30 and it took first responders and highway crews about 90 minutes to reopen the road.




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  • Danny

    On Rt 85 south of Madison the hillsides are badly worn away and visibly dangerous also. Like you, i know a hillside cutting program would be appreciated by everyone. Sadly, these tragedies are preventable. Our prayers go out to yet another family asking WHY? I vote get the local inmates/ druggies out working for their keep like programs years ago. That way funding wouldn't be an issue!!

  • kathy

    I live in Logan county and drive rt 10 from Chapmanville to Logan almost everyday. I am constantly looking at the trees that are leaning and thinking about them falling on drivers. That has happened before several years ago when a woman was killed closer to Logan, her grandson was spared. The hillsides are wearing away. Why don't they have a program where they cut the most dangerous ones down before something like this happens again.