President Barack Obama calls his new nominees for EPA administrator and Energy secretary a “great team” but some in West Virginia aren’t so sure.

The President announced Monday his selection of Gina McCarthy to head the EPA and Ernest Moniz to lead the energy department.

“They’re going to be making sure that we’re investing in American energy, that we’re doing everything that we can to combat the threat of climate change, that we’re going to be creating jobs and economic opportunity in the first place,” President Obama said.


Gina McCarthy

McCarthy has been assistant administrator of air quality at EPA. She would replace Obama’s first term EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson.

West Virginia Second District Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito said in a prepared statement that she’s disappointed, but not surprised with the President’s choice. Saying Obama has decided “to double down on his job killing policies by nominating Gina McCarthy as EPA Administrator. Ms. McCarthy was the force behind many of the anti-coal regulations issued by this administration, including the CSAPR rule that was struck down as unlawful by a federal appeals court,” Capito said.

West Virginia Coal Association President Bill Raney was also less than optimistic when contacted by MetroNews Monday.

“We’re hoping against hope that there’s a difference there but at the same time we don’t anticipate any great change,” he said.

President Obama said there is nobody “who can do a better job of filling Lisa’s shoes permanently than my nominee who is standing beside me here Gina McCarthy.”

EPA Administrator Jackson went back and forth with West Virginia and its coal supporters during the past four years.

Rep. Capito said President Obama has missed an opportunity to chart a new course “that balances environmental regulations with the need for jobs in our local communities.”

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  • Brian

    Why do people keep expecting something different this term? He has said nothing different for years. He had no plan during 2012 why would he have one now? I hope Ohio and Pa are getting what they voted for!!

  • jethro

    i fondly remember the orange streams i use to play in when i was younger

  • RHytonen

    "West Virginia hates President Obama's EPA"

    iWell, THIS part of West Virginia only hates that "his EPA" (gross misnomer, no decision is made except by BIG BUSINESS and their PROFITS -especially WS and ENERGY) has not stopped te extraction that has turned this state into a Sacrifice Zone that will never recover from the CENTURY of job-killing profiteering of the coal oil and gas conglomerates that have LEVELED our mountains, filled our hollers (and the very air)with carcinogens that are killing us and our children; and destroyed all hopes of drinkable water for the future. And all that to export our "dwindling" energy resources abroad to be priced on the global market and thus make domestic energy unaffordable and make speculators rich.

    Ms. Capito's FOX news talking points, like all Right Wing wackos, ignore the facts about energy, the Obama administration's ACTUAL record (not that it's great on other issues,) and the history of coal and its actual (statistically unassailable) JOB KILLING, miner-murdering CAPTURE of WV's nonexistent regulations and its very government.
    Coal "jobs" in WV are practically extinct, and it's definitely not the fault of an EPA (state OR federal) that, like the SEC, and the very government (Mussolini invented a name for that) has been Criminally OWNED by those it's supposed to regulate, since inception.

    • TBone Porterhouse

      hopship, you better get with it. RHytonen is taking your crown away from you. You know, King of the Lunatic Leftist Fringe.

  • wirerowe

    Actually ShinnstonGuy West Virginia hates President Obama's EPA. This one looks like she will be a little easier to love and at the edges more compromising than the barroom brawler that was there before. But also appears for certain that she is a regular loyal member of the church and religion of global warming. She may even have written part of their bible. Not much will change.

  • ShinnstonGuy

    Okay, release the hounds:

    West Virginians hate Obama.
    West Virginians hate the EPA.
    Therefore, it doesn't matter the person chosen, because that person will be hated.

    Next story...

  • thornton

    I sense a trend.

  • C.Hoffman

    potus to WV: BOHICA