MORGANTOWN, W. Va. — Defensive coordinator Keith Patterson discusses staff changes and the plan for repairing West Virginia’s defense.

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  • big tom

    BIg Tom says deforest is making way too much money to just look after special teams. Seeing how hi flunked out of his other position, how can he be an associate HC..
    somet\hing terrribly wrong with this picture> Luck will make changes and Luck will win, but more heads need to roll. I am behind him 100% , but not so sure about holgs, but i am willing to give him another year maybe two . Big TOm

  • big tom

    like you

  • Mgt ED

    Let's b real ppl. Offensively last year we were average in the league and defensively near the bottom. This year w/ a large infussion of youth on O and virtually the same personnel on D if we have one more victory than last year its a great success. I think the obvious concern for this team is effort and heart. Last year's team had numerous moments when they gave up and that's COACHING. This year is a referendum on H!

  • Matt

    Money doesn't entitle you to display your opinion bud. I'm as diehard as anyone on this board but don't expect WVU to care if your happy or not. Our Mountaineers will have a fight this year but our coaches will pull us through. Mountaineers do best when fighting back.

    • Money

      Oh... well if thats the case then NO ONE should display an opinion. That means no more news papers or metronews stories. You are out of your mind if you think money doesn't give you a say. Ask Milan Puskar and the powerful members of the 1100 Club if enough money lends you the ear of coaches...

      • Lewis

        Only the college educated should state an opinion your missing the point bro.

  • Chip in CLE

    I ain't no boo bird and did not graduate from WV. How about we just stop responding to the ignorant posters who will never get on board with the new regime. Can't wait to see this year unfold - big challenge but I think we'll surprise some folks.

    • Lewis

      Proper grammar would go a long way bud. Bro

  • Wemakerain

    How right you are sir

  • JRB

    I am in total agreement with Jim

  • Pghmountaineer

    If we can't improve on last year' defense we are in deep trouble. I mean man, It can't be worse. I think the opposing teams punted a total of about 10 times all year. We couldn't stop Morgantown high school had we played them last year.
    Lets hope things will improve. No way can we score 50 to 60 points a game this year with a new quarterback.

  • big tom

    why do we still have deforest on the payroll?
    i know he makes tons of money, but can't we get out of it.. surely luck gave him notice to start looking for another job>

    • shawn

      He's in the role where he thrives. Get off his back and let him coach. Who cares what he gets paid? I know I could care less.

      • rattle snake

        thrives>>>>> do you have any idea what you're talking about,,, Ostates special teams were terrible,,, you r one lost cookie.

      • big tom

        yea but you're not a tax payer of wv... and you don't donate a penny to the athletic fund at wvu. so shut shawn, just keep drinking the kool-aid and accept less than mediocrity,,, not me , Big Tom says he wants more out of our coach , we want wins for wvu football,,, deforest hasn't a clue. Big Tom

      • jethro

        must be a obama fan, always envious of people making more money than them

  • shawn

    Not one snap and the fair weather boo birds come out after a 3 minute interview. Classy!

    • Alum


  • Greg

    Like David Lettreman says, I wouldn't give this guys problems to a monkey on a rock!

  • John weaver

    Here is the strange thing, with no established leaders at receiver and quarterback and three linemen needing to be replaced, doesn't the defense have to carry this team?


    On the other hand, he has no where to go but up. He will probably be guaged by whether or not he improved on the worst defense(last year) that I have ever seen, by far, at WVU.

  • TBone Porterhouse

    It'll take a grand illusionist to make WVU's defense look better. One that is much better than David Copperfield or Houdini. Is Patterson up to the task??

  • Big Larry

    Coach Keith Patterson has been thrown into a very tough situation...Let's hope he can put it all together....Good Luck!