Parkersburg Police say they believe they’ve arrested a major distributor of drugs in Wood County.

Jesus Alfredo Alverado-Aboyte, 29, was charged Tuesday with a felony count of possession of marijuana with the intent to deliver.  Bond for him was set at $75,000.

Agents with Immigration and Customs Enforcement say Alverado-Aboyte is from Mexico and is in the country illegally.

His wife, Dawn Star Aboyte, 24, is also charged with felony possession of marijuana with intent to deliver.

Parkersburg Police detectives say they found 100 pounds of marijuana at the Avery Street home where the two were arrested along with $20,000 in cash, a handgun that had been reported stolen in Bridgeport and a bulletproof vest.

The arrests came after a joint investigation that involved detectives with the Parkersburg Police Department, the Parkersburg Narcotics Task Force and officials with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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  • Jim G.

    Big deal someone else will just replace him. People will line up all day long for the job. Our crazy "drug war" is nothing more than a loss of our freedoms and photo ops for cops. We would be far better off to legalize everything, collect taxes and offer treatment for those with serious problems. It is not the drugs that are the problem but rather the high cost of the drugs due to making them illegal. People would not rob people if heroin cost $10.00 a dose. They could buy it with a minimum wage job. By making it illegal we just make criminals (like when we had Prohibition) wealthy. Look at the cost of oxycotin in the pharmacy versus what the street cost is. Lot of room there to make a profit!

  • Luke

    I say we kill him. NO, I say FIRST we hang him, THEN we kill him. NO, I say FIRST we tar and feather him, THEN we hang him,THEN we kill him. I say we let him go. NO!!!!

  • ryaan

    Start with tobacco and alcohol they kill the most


    Winning the drug war, really???
    It been on going since the 50's,
    Give up, we are not even closed to being tied.
    A waste of tax payers money

  • ragweed

    I say execute the drug dealers. That will take care of the user problem.


      Well said. Execute them all and I guarantee you it will stop a few. Ironically, they cut off your arm in some foreign countries and it sure does get everyone's attention and for the most part prevent theft.

  • Kevin

    $75000 bond??!! Wow!!
    This dude is gone.
    He's drinking Coronas back in his home country right about now.

  • Habib Haddad

    I say bravo to this bust but you previous posters need to know that pot and pot smokers are not the problem. Heroin and synthetic heroin is the problem. When was the last time you heard of a pot smoker robbing someone for pot? Never. Most of our crime and most of our residents of our overflowing jails and prisons are related to the use, sale and manufacture of the various forms of heroin. If you want to control illegal immigration, get the big boys who benefit from their employment to support a secure fence from San Diego to Houston and redeploy the troops we are bringing home along with their technology to said border. I don't care for Obama any more than I do his fellow liar, John McCain. And Wvirginian for life, you should be ashamed. As the Bible says: "hate the sin, love the sinner." Or should I rephrase: "Love the office, hate the occupant."

    • wvtd

      well said Habib!


    Our President doesn't care about these issues. He wants Latino votes. Otherwise, our borders would be 99% secure by now. And hey, he wants to give amnesty to all the illegals. I served 30 years in the military and I ashamed of our President and his sidekicks. Yes, I know, my oath was to support and defend the constitution. But in my eyes, he is the domestic enemy now. I truly thought he would make a difference the first round, now it's all orator based and smoke and mirrors. What a shame.

    • BillyRae

      I don't see how you, or anyone for that matter, was stupid enough to believe him the first time.

      At least you came to your senses.

  • B.H.Obama

    Yep, I read it.

    Wish I could persuade my government to repeal prohibition of marijuana. it would be so nice to see our corrections / courts not so bogged down with marijuana related issues. Also, it would be great to see a redution with Mexican nationals running around with weapons dealing in tax free black market. I think I could generate close to 1/2 billion per year with a taxation of marijuana.

  • eddie

    You reading this Obama?

    • wvman75

      I doubt it. He won't read the Constitution so why would he read this?