U.S. Senator Joe Manchin said he and his colleagues are working hard to carefully tackle the details of criminal background checks.

“What we are looking at is all the rights of people that have guns, of people that really come from a gun culture and people that don’t come from a gun culture,” said Manchin. “I think we got a good working group that is moving favorably forward.”

That group includes U.S. Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois, U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer of New York and U.S. Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma. 

Manchin was a guest Wednesday on the The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer on CNN and made it clear that the bill he is working on with colleagues in no way threatens Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

“No one’s going to take anyone’s guns away and no one is going to take your Second Amendment rights away. That’s not happening at all,” said Manchin on the show. “We are not asking on any of those infringements.”

Instead, he added, it specifically focuses on expanding background checks.

“What we are saying is if you buy a gun or transfer a gun, there should be a criminal and a mental background check,” said Manchin. “With that being said, that means at gun shows, that means online sales and individual transfers.”

Manchin mentioned that there are a few situations that would be exempt from background checks. One of those is the transfer of guns between family members and the other is when going to someones farm to hunt.

The bill would also involve the creation of a commission on mass violence which would find out exactly what the problems are and ways to correct them.

Manchin said the bill he is working on addresses the mass violence problem in today’s culture. He said it comes down to how somebody can use a gun properly.

Senator Schumer presented a background check proposal Wednesday at the Capitol in Washington D.C., however both Senators Manchin and Kirk voiced their disapproval for it in a joint statement.

“We are committed to continuing to work in a bipartisan effort with Senators Schumer, Coburn and others in order to find a commonsense solution for enhanced background checks, however, Senator Schumer’s current proposal is one we cannot support as it stands today,” said the Senators in the statement.

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  • JBinWV

    It is absolutely amazing to see some people posting on here still in support of Obama, Holder and Manchin. The very fact that Obama and Holder took over a month plus and it took a filibuster to force them to answer one simple question. Does the President feel he can use a drone to kill and American on American soil. What is the question here? And people still think that a move to federal registration of every firearm is not a move at the Federal level to create a list, from which at some point they can come after those guns? This government is not on the side of the Constitution or America. There is a bad cancer in D.C. (District of Corruption) that is festering and has festered to the point where we even have to ask a question like the one Rand Paul asked. Who would even think an American President would actually hint he had such power? Manchin is among the worst of the worst, a guy who think's he can play compromiser with people like Diane Feinstein and Chuck Shumer, and also he can with a wink and a nod make West Virginian's buy his BS. He's a disgrace.

  • Derek

    Bigger government and more restrictions on gun purchases... No Thanks Joe!

  • Damion45

    Well, the real unreported "news" here is what was the disagreement with Schmuer about? I assume he wants not only background checks on all purchases but a permanent data base mantained by BATF.


    We need to RECALL manchin he is a joke!

  • Wowbagger

    According to the Center for Public Integrity: "Among the 67,000 people who (truly) failed background checks conducted directly by the FBI in 2009 (each is a possible felony), fewer than 70 ever faced criminal charges". The numbers for more recent years are even worse, but I can't find a reference.

    Why not just fix the NICS system that already exists rather than build a whole new one.

    I am generally not inclined to cut Joe Manchin much slack, but since the Federal component of the NICS system is pretty much all housed within West Virginia (Clarksburg and some contractors) it isn't an entirely bad thing for a West Virginia Senator or Representative to be involved in fixing it. At the same time this had better be done correctly! Based on his earlier performances I am not entirely convinced that Joe is working in the best interests of gun owners, especially if the best interests of Joe are in conflict.

    • Damion45

      I read an article supposedly referencing DOJ that the reason so few NICS denials are prosecuted is that the reason for the denial was not violence related. But then, if true, why are they being denied for non-violent infractions? What is the point of NICS denials?

      • Wowbagger

        I was taught a felony is a bad crime that should be prosecuted, but from everything I hear now if it isn't violent it isn't a big deal and is often not even investigated.

  • Teufel

    Why is Manchin referencing hunting someones farm as being exempt ? Makes me wonder if they intend to require one to have documentation verifying registration when hunting or sport shooting?????

    "Manchin mentioned that there are a few situations that would be exempt from background checks. One of those is the transfer of guns between family members and the other is when going to someones farm to hunt"

    • C.Hoffman

      I Agree Teufel. A very odd statement indeed. You can bet skullduggery is involved with this pile of pols.

  • Tim C

    All I know is, I'm glad shepardsown quit talking...what a dweeb!

    • Shepherdstown

      Some of us do have to work to make a living.

      This current discussion rapidly turned into what many of you complain about Congress. Mindless accusations and paranoid statements.

      I do read history. I just choose real literature and not just some worthless tract put out by the latest person with an ax to grind.

      As for the constitution violations cited, only two were even close. Jefferson did bend things with the La purchase but that was when the constitution was still being thrashed out. As for Lincoln, wasn't he in the middle of a Civil War at the time?

      • Harpers Ferry

        Although I strongly disagree with your opinions, I am glad to know that you own employment and you aren't just hanging out on the wall all day.

        Who's to say what is real literature? Moby Dick was completely disregarded in it's day and is now seen as a classic of American literature. But just so you know, when I read a history book, it's penned by someone who studies history. So that eliminates Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly, in case you were wondering.

        In response to your question about Lincoln's actions during the Civil War, I pose a question to you along the same line. Am I to presume you would have been okay if G.W. Bush had suspended the Writ of Habeas Corpus after the September 11th Attacks? After all, we had just been attacked by terrorists.

    • Teufel


  • Jim

    I believe that my memory serves me correctly as I recall the Joe held a fund raiser in Charleston when he was running for Senate and who was a "special guest" and "large contributor?" None other than Charlie Schumer!
    Now comes the time for Joe to pay the piper.
    Another noteworty guest and large contibutor to this same event--none other than Harry Reid.
    And how can politicians say with a straight face that polictical contributions do not influence their actions? Just yesterday I had a similar occurrance. A man passing on the street offered me $50k. When I asked, what do I have to do for this money? His reply was nothing. Sure, right!

  • NorthernWVman

    This simply goes to show that Joe is an idiot and does not know what he is talking about. ONLINE firearms purchases are already regulated and HAVE to go through a background check. There is no such thing as just purchasing a firearm on the itnernet and having it shipped to your home. I have done this multiple times and every time I fill out a 4473 form at a local dealer that the firearm was transferred to. I have also purchased firearms at gun shows and yes every dealers has to complete a background check. The ONLY time Joe's law will come into affect is individual transfer!! So when I hand down my firearms to my children, grandchildren, neices and nephews then they will have to complete a background check.

    This bill will do NOTHING to keep firearms out of the hands of the convicted felons or mentally insane.

  • Luke

    So Joe doesn't want to be able to leave his gun collection to Joe IV or his grandsons without subjecting them to a criminal and mental background check? Or buy them a hunting rifle without taking them in for background checks? Or trade guns with a friend? Or loan a gun to a friend? Everyone has the right to do that now, it is called freedom. So more government intrusion into our lives isn't an infringement of our rights under the 2nd Amendment? As I recall what happened at Newtown, Joe's big bi-partisan knee jerk solution wouldn't have prevented a thing, or saved one life, or kept one rifle out of the possession of the shooter.

    • Mac

      No, but it would have prevented a lot of others. There is no solution that will prevent everything. Something must be done. The United States has more per capita gun deaths than Iraq.... (Forbes) Things are going terribly wrong when more people are dying in this country than in an active war zone.

      • Geno

        Forbes is wrong, they are a lot of things going on in Iraq, that Forbes doesn't know about.

      • Lule

        Oh, really? Name one. And by the way, all of these nanny state legislative provisions begin with the usual left wing nut clamor about "doing something to make sure this never happens again."

        I don't own a gun, but this political nonsense surrounding Newtown is causing me to reconsider. How about we work on reducing government spending instead?

        • NorthernWVman

          Thank You.

      • Roger

        A very high percentage of these gun deaths are drug/gang related. The problem is the criminal justice system, not the guns.

  • Protechcpa

    Just as we thought, and as Manchin denied and lied, he is in on the gun grab. Obama has promised him something and now he is owned. Time for a recall.

    • uniteordie

      Unfortunately WV doesn't have a recall option. Our democratically controlled house of delegates and senate that has ruled Charleston for 80+ years has made sure of that. WV needs to clean house of the Communists sitting in Charleston so that something constructive can get done within our State. Send these good ole boys home now. If they don't uphold the Constitution, they're no good for me and fellow West Virginians. Just remember, we told you Manchin = Obama but people fell for that pile of crap and voted him in. You could have had a real Statesman and Constitutional Senator sitting in DC right now fighting against the Communists, in defense of your 2nd Amendment Rights, but now you have TRAITOR JOE, Obama's new lapdog.

  • Medman

    How in the world does he think he will get any background information on mental health status? Privacy laws will not allow doctors to enter that info into a government data base and any challenge to that will be fought and won by the ACLU. Background checks would have had no impact in preventing any of the past 5 mass murders, but they will pass something just for political advantage.

  • west virginian

    1st registration,,,,,,,,,,then confiscation of all guns.

    • Teufel

      Yes, it's a slippery slope and once that line is crossed there is no turning back.

  • Lloyd G

    Hey if you look into the facts you will see there's a devil in the woodpile in Washington.
    Homeland Security are building up for something. Goverment buying all of the ammo up so that people can't buy any. and more. Obama will tear up the Constitution if he can. He is doing his best to destroy our goverment for the new goverment that he wants.


    Manchin is two faced , I will never ever ever vote for him .

    • Jim

      Exactly, he went from saying that rural areas would have difficultly doing background and mental health checks; plus was comfortable with private sales in those rural ares to all sales must not have these checks in place first.

      He's quickly becoming a puppet for the POTUS.