First District Congressman David McKinley says he and others will be trying to use legislation to address the sequestration cuts for the West Virginia National Guard.

Those cuts, in part, could force the Guard to back out of a promised security role for the 2013 National Scout Jamboree.  The event will be held from July 15th through July 24th at the new Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve in Fayette County.

“The first time they come to West Virginia, what a way to do that is threaten it from the President cutting off funds to the West Virginia National Guard,” Congressman McKinley said on the consequences of the automatic federal spending reductions.

Those with the National Guard say they’re being forced to look for ways to reduce expenses, across the board, because of the sequestration that started to take effect on March 1st.

“Either one of two things happens, we either reverse that decision or the Boy Scouts have to come up with another funding source to be able to hire someone to provide them security for 85,000 people that are going to come into there,” said Congressman McKinley.

He was a guest on Thursday’s MetroNews Talkline.

A week after inaction in Washington, D.C. lead to the $85 billion sequester, President Barack Obama has been meeting with Congressional leaders to look for common ground on the country’s overall financial issues.

The focus this week has been on the stalemate on the budget and the ongoing growth of the federal debt which now totals more than $16.7 trillion.

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  • Brian

    God help us when we can't cut a 2% increase to our national budget without going through all of this. Were pushing 20 trillion in debt, TWO PERCENT!!! Are you kidding me?

  • Mark

    The Boy Scouts ARE security.

  • hillbilly

    But.. on the other hand, how does it look to come to WV for a Boy Scout Jamboree and see military armed guards all over the place?? More like planning for an out-of control rock concert.

    • Eagle Scout

      In a world where terrorist are just licking their chops to find large groups to attack. The jamboree is a huge bullseye. The future leaders of America will be there. Not having security would be a major mistake. I have attended 6 jamborees and will attend this one in July, on staff. I am super proud of our state and the job that was done to get the jamboree here. Let's do it right. BTW you never see any "armed guards," and the jamboree is NEVER out of control....