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West Virginia has lost six consecutive games since edging Texas Tech 66-64 on Feb. 16. The teams meet again Wednesday at the Big 12 tournament in Kansas City.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — After closing the regular season with six straight losses, West Virginia fell to the eighth seed in the Big 12 tournament.

The Mountaineers were surpassed by Texas in the conference standings Saturday when the Longhorns beat Texas Tech 71-69 in overtime. That gave the Longhorns the No. 7 spot, along with a first-round matchup against last-place TCU on Wednesday in Kansas City.

WVU (13-18, 6-12) will face ninth-seeded Texas Tech (10-19, 3-15) on Wednesday at 7 p.m. Though the Mountaineers swept Texas Tech during the regular season, they narrowly edged the Red Raiders 66-64 on Feb. 16 in Morgantown. That was West Virginia’s last win.

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To reach the NCAAs for a sixth consecutive season, West Virginia must win four games in four days at the Big 12 tournament — a stretch that would include beating Kansas in the quarterfinals on Thursday.

“It’s never too late as long as you’ve got a conference championship,” WVU coach Bob Huggins said Saturday after an 83-74 loss to Iowa State. “As long as you’re still standing, you might as well fight.”

Kansas State and Kansas shared the regular-season title, though both lost Saturday. The Wildcats fell 76-70 at Oklahoma State, while the Jayhawks were embarrassed 81-58 at Baylor. Kansas earned the No. 1 seed by virtue of sweeping K-State during the regular season.

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  • Big Will

    Every program has a down swing. Huggs will get the program going in the right direction. A true mountaineer is a loyal mountaineer. Take the good with the bad.

  • Uncle Fester

    No post-season action for Huggs this year.
    No NCAA tourney for Huggs this year.
    No NIT for Huggs this year.
    No CIB tourney this year for Huggs.
    No Little Sisters of the Poor tourney for Huggs.
    Pack away the uniforms and mothball about 4-5 of the players.
    If you thought this basketball season was bad, just wait for the 2013 football season. A 4-8 record and an average attendance at home games of 41,000 is looming on the horizon. Thank you Huggs, Thank you Oliver Luck and thank you Holgorsen for diluting the WVU product so much that it has reached the abyss. More of the same to come.

    • all5boys

      your nuts

  • Hoffy

    Good luck in the tourney!

  • Hoffy

    Here's to hoping our team will make a good showing in the tournament after such a disappointing regular season. Lay it on the line, boys, 'cause you've nothing to lose now!

  • cutty77

    Never say Never.Huggs is trying to put a postive spin on it all.Like Yogi said,it ain't over till its over.

  • Jethro

    Its a brand new season. Let's go mountaineers!

  • Big Larry

    “It’s never too late as long as you’ve got a conference championship,” WVU coach Bob Huggins said...

    I'm sorry to inform you Huggs but is to late. The sooner your squad packs it in the sooner we can turn our attention to football as dismal as that is going to be...

    WVU only won 6 games this year against Big 12 competition and lost 13. Bob Huggins made light of the fact his team was picked to finish 6th in the league this season but the joke was on him.

    Looking to next season, do you think the league will pick WVU to finish any higher than 6th again?

    No...if they are even that high. Once you fall into the Abyss, it takes years to pull yourself back out.

    Maybe they need to pay the coached more money to give them incentives to win. But didn't they all ready do that?

    • eric

      Look, Huggy has a past and last time i checked, it was 3rd best among active coaches. I do fully blame Huggy for this year as Huggy has very poorly recruited the past 3 or 4 years. Every year for the past 4 years 2-4 recruits leave. One that really crushed use was Dalton Pepper, as he was a sound shooter and very, very solid defender. Go back and see all the recruits that bounced if you dont trust me. Also, the big guy that left for Long Beach was another blow. When you have recruits every year leaving, things unravel. No senior leadership, no one to haze the freshman as there are 3 times as many feshman/sophomore than juniors/seniors...Then Huggy tried to clean it up with transfers, and if i have ever learned anything about transfers in 30 years, they are never as good as the hype they have coming in...1 out of 10 pan out and 1 out of 20 make a difference...

      Anyways, Huggs knows he has to recruit freshmen and better players. He needs to get big man, point gaurds that pass, and 3 point shooters...he will be back in the Big 12 third in less than 2 years. This is Huggs, and any idiot who bashes him after his first losing season since Regan was in office, well that idiot is not very successful in their life either

    • Larry

      You are right, and I also think you are right about football, I seriously think this will only be a 4 or 5 win team.

    • Wemakerain

      Pretty sure then you would complain about their lack of effort and Huggs lack of passion, some people are never happy

    • Shawn

      You know if you want to hear yourself talk then why don't you do it in your home where somebody cares.