The state School Building Authority meets Monday to hear from county delegations who want a piece of this year’s SBA budget.

Within the last four months, voters in three counties have defeated school bonds. That almost certainly takes Randolph, Wayne and Lincoln Counties off the funding list. Instead of assisting those counties, the money slated for those projects will go to one or more of the 19 other counties who have applied for SBA funding.

School systems had to have their requests into the SBA last month. This week, the authority will hear presentations about the importance of funding a project. The SBA has about $45-million to hand out.

Since money is scarce and the cost of a new school or even renovations are costly, SBA Director Mark Manchin says they’re looking to financially assist counties that have local money to put towards their own projects.

The presentations begin Monday at 10am. First up is Wyoming County. The presentations wrap up Tuesday afternoon. The SBA meets again in April when they’ll decide who gets how much money and who walks away empty handed.

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  • Charles

    Unless your willing to consolidate your schools. They are not willing to approve. It doesn't matter what us the taxpayers think. The school board knows best. Even though Cali gave up on consolidation years ago. I pay big taxes and I do not agree with their idea of education. Say no to consolidation!


    mark was given the job by joe . They need to do away with this job look at the money it would save the state too much administration cost cut the family pork,