A group of Girl Scouts, Brownies and Daisies helped mark National Girl Scout Day on Tuesday in the Capitol City with the Annual Girl Scout Cookie Tasteoff at the Charleston Marriott.

The participants opened up boxes of Girl Scout cookies to make desserts, including Thin Mint brownies, Trefoil cheesecake cups and Thank U Berry Munch bread pudding, for a panel of judges.

Cheyenna Scarberry, a Brownie with Troop 5882 in Mason County, liked the Trefoil cheesecake cups.  “It tasted really good,” she said.

Scarberry worked with a Marriott chef and Daisy Mikaylah Lippert from Putnam County to layer the Trefoil cookies with cheesecake filling, strawberries and chocolate.  It was all topped with whipped cream.

Lippert says she likes being a Daisy.  “I get to sell cookies and have a lot of fun,” she said.

Morgan Robinson, Spokesperson for the Black Diamond Council of the Girl Scouts, says it’s not too late to get Girl Scout cookies to eat on their own or try in a recipe.

To find a sale spot near you, you can go online to www.gsbdc.org, the home page for the Girl Scouts of the Black Diamond Council which covers much of West Virginia.

“Keep supporting those Girl Scouts.  They’re truly making a difference, not only in their own community, in their own world, but in the world around you as well,” Robinson said.

Tuesday marked the 101st birthday of the Girl Scouts.

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  • Don

    Keeping buying those cookies so u can support the deep pockets of the GSBDC Administration and the felons who work for them. Look at the salaries of the head brass in Charleston u will be shocked.They are cutting programs and events that effect the girls to support their high salaries and the new urban campground which is a joke.