A second man is facing charges in Wood County for a reported armed robbery at Peoples News in Parkersburg.

Parkersburg Police arrested Brian Bradley Wright, 21, from Washington, West Virginia on a felony grand larceny charge on Tuesday.

He is accused of conspiring with Benjamin Adam Stephan, an employee at Peoples News, to stage an armed robbery on February 1st.  Wright allegedly got away with $22,000 in cash that he is accused of later splitting with Stephan who eventually called 911 to report the robbery.

At the time, Stephan claimed he was in the back of the business smoking when a man in a ski mask shoved him into the building and onto the floor before grabbing the money.

Stephan is wanted for falsely reporting an emergency incident.

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  • scorpio

    is it only strange to me that stephan isnt facing a grand larceny charge as well as wright?

  • thornton

    I would think there was a story if the Stephan involved was related in a close manner to thye owner.....many good reporters would go...Hmmmmmm?

  • jake_d


  • thornton

    Stephen?...isn't that the name of the owner of People's News?