MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – After the second day of spring practice, West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen addresses the new players and assistants who are making this an intriguing time for Mountaineers football.

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  • johnathan d

    haters everywhere for one thing our teams will improve. Graduation is a pain but we will get better and bob huggins is maybe the best coach on the planet dana we don't know yet but remember wvu / ok fiesta we aren't out of our league nore will we be bottom dwellers by the way the baseball team finished third call it a stepping stone

  • Maxxajay

    I have always liked our coach for the mountaineers (Huggy bear) On his TV show someone texted and ask the question how many players was leaving the team after this season and he said none as far as the know. Just looking back in the past two years he had three real good shooters to leave the team why not for sure. Maybe they don't like someone to get in their face spitting and yelling nose to nose I know if I had a son going to West Virginia University and the coach acted that way I wouldn't let him go

  • truthperme

    Let Huggs and his bloated salary hit the road. He obviously knew this was going to be a bad year and may know that the next few years won't be any better as he cannot recruit. So what does he do? Gets Ollie to agree to an outrageous long-term contract with annual raises. We're screwed for years to come. Get a younger more dynamic coach who can recruit and actually coach young men without cussing and spitting in his players' faces when they falter at much less cost.

  • Joe

    The BB team is in real trouble. Oliver needs to do something soon. The coach is overpaid for what he is producing... The team looks like a bunch of second team high school basketball players most of the time. I listened to one of the play by play persons take the team apart on one accasion and point out all the mistakes. What are we waiting for. We are in the Big 12 now weather we like it or not....... Some folks need to step up to the plate...... AND SOON !

  • Joe Cummons

    Shawn, undefeated 2014 season ? Do you realize we start 2014 season with Alabama.......

  • Wally

    Well going to the Big 12 was Ollie's big flub. all those travel miles take a big toll on a team. Should have jumped to the Big 10 or ACC. Playing Ohio or Virginia teams would have been better, especially since the ACC is now full of other Big East teams. Who gives a flip about beating a team from Iowa or Oklahoma?

    • Don

      Wally, you are absolutely right about the big flub in going to the big 12. But since they made the jump, spare us the whining about all the travel time. Did nobody look at a map before making the move?

    • John

      Wally, and everyone else who keeps bringing up the Big East and where we should have gone, we tried the ACC and the Big 10. The ACC said "NO". Pretty sure, but not positive, the Big 10 did too. And I'm sure the SEC said "NO". The Big 12 will be a good fit in time. Lots of money and recruiting opportunity. Just look at this years class of recruits. Staying in the Big East was not an option. Going to the ACC was not an option. We did what we had to do. And as far as travel time goes, what is the difference between riding a bus for an hour and a half to Pitt and riding a plane an hour and a half to Texas? NONE!!!!! Especially when you are 20 years old. Get over it! And I'd rather beat Oklahoma than Va. Tech any day. And we will. Maybe not every year, but we didn't beat Va. Tech every year either. Our programs have come a long way and the best is yet to come.

  • JBinWV

    Reading the comments I see why people remark often that we WVU fans are spoiled. We are one year removed from an Orange Bowl win over a team NO ONE outside of the state thought we would even be able to keep up with, and everyone seems to have forgotten that Huggs had a team play in the Final Four just a few short seasons ago. Everyone relax. I think we'll be fine.

    • Don

      remember, the best records of the Huggins regime at WV were with Belein recruits. This year is proof positive that he may be a good coach, but is a lousy recruiter. Puleeese, Huggy go out and find us a decent point guard who can shoot the ball!

      • johnathan d

        k states teams were awesome and hugs remember?

      • Jerry

        Jones, Ebanks, and Bryant were all starters when we made it to the final 4 and all 3 were recruited by Huggins. Jones and Ebanks have both played in the NBA.

        • don

          This current group couldn't hit the side of a barn with a hand full of marbles. Does Huggins not go watch a game to see if his recruits can play offense? And if Jabarie Hinds is a four star recruit then the woods are full of them. He is a pitiful excuse for a point guard. What really scares me is that it appears Huggy is bound and determined to see him play (another truck Bryant). With these guys any thing of 30% is a great game!

  • GiveItTime

    You guys realize that the defense is where the problem lied this season, right? Sure, the offense stalled at times, they all do, but the the defense let us down BIG TIME.

    And how many players on the defensive side are headed to the NFL? Who recruited those guys?


  • rattle snake

    let's face it, wvu is in over their heads in the big 12,,, all of our sports are getting thumped.
    no one knows if we have the staff in place that could make us competitive.
    dana is young, inexperienced being a HC, leans primarilly towards offense. He has to learn he is the HC of all phases.
    Huggie is on the downside of his career, he went to the final four with beilein recruits, Huggie has shown he can't recruit. Our program has been going down hill since the beilein boys left.
    Luck has to make some decisions this off season, he needs to take a look at the BB team and it's future. FB and BB will be down in their next seasons, can our two HC's restock and produce winners, time will tell. But Huggie is killing us,and Dana hasn't a clue about defense and neither does deforest.

  • Jay

    Heck, Alabama football fell off the map for a couple years! I totally agree with Brandon 100%, become spoiled like Mu fans when they were winning 1-AA championships lol come on man!

  • Jay

    Really, you people are starting to get on my nerves!!!!! If you think u can do better and be running yo mouth on here start coaching somewhere so You can make some of that big bread!!!!! Lol cracks me up, you can't be world beaters year n and year out, not now!!! take duke or unc in basketball or uk, g'town, they all at some point have sucked!!! Football-Norte dame was a power and had some low years, Miami, Texas, USC, FSU, have all fallen only to rise again!!!!!! Go eeeers'!!!

  • Brandon

    So Huggins doesn't deserve his pay because he has a decline of wins in the past two years. Have you looked at his resume and the fact that he gave us our first Final Four in 50 years? Did you also forget the fact that Dana won the Orange Bowl his first year as the head coach and his first head coaching job in his career? Or the fact that he made Geno Smith, Tavon Austin, and Stedman Bailey into NFL prospects because I will tell you right now if we still had Coach Stew as our head coach and Mullins as our offensive coordinator, those players would not be in the conversation of a first round pick. Yes we had a tough year this year in the Big 12 but let's not jump off the ship just yet. Mountaineer fans are spoiled anymore..Do you remember when more than half of the games were on radio? The only games you saw on TV were the games against "legit" programs at that time like the Miami Hurricanes, Penn State, or even Virginia Tech..Now every game is on TV and radio. Not mention you were probably the same fans crying over the new uniforms this year. NO offense but the reason WV gets no respect is because no one can accept change around these parts..Everyone wants to keep WV in the 1950's as far as the University goes and the state. I remember when winning 8 games or even 9 was a great season. Now our fans expect a National Championship every year..Why? Because we won three BCS bowls??? We have 0 National Championships and somehow our fan base has embraced this arrogance like we are some program like Alabama or Ohio State. I love WVU and I love the state of WV but be realistic people. We will not win 30 games every year in basketball and we are not going to win 11 games plus in football every year. Just be proud of what this program has become. A Big 12 member.

    • padewv

      Agreed! I'm an alum and had the fork over $150 a season to watch WVU. Now each game is on and in HD. The program has taken a huge step forward. It'll be a rocky road at times, but to think that we'll have two legit first rounders is great.

    • Shawn

      You make some good comments. I agree that WVU fans have become spoiled. Even Holgorsen said that. I also understand how hard it is to win 20 games in college basketball, let alone a National Championship. And if you go 9-3 or 10-2 in the Big 12 every year then you've done some things. We had to make a transition this year and like i've said many times, the coaches have to recruit different players to fit the different league. I know its hard for some to realize but it is a factor. And yes people the travel killed the teams this year. The athletic department will adjust that to fit our student athletes needs. Things will get better WVU fans. Relax and enjoy the offseason.

      • big tom

        you will never see wvu go 10-2 in the big 12,,, i think the bb team will pick it up if we get a coach who's priority is coaching and not someother recreational activity.

        • shawn b


        • Shawn

          2014 season will be our big year. We will have the team to make a push for an undefeated season.

  • Alum

    Okay tommy, please explain this, "wv tax payers should revolt" since WVU athletics are self-sufficient and self-funded. Obviously the view from your mother's basement still clouds your vision little boy.

    • shawn b

      LOL alum i was thinking the same thing. WTF does paying taxes have to do with who our assistant coaches are?

  • big tom

    i agree,,, he's making three times as much as he should,,, wv tax payers should revolt.
    this is a sin, this man has to be ashamed to accept that kind of money for the very poor job he has done
    It is very plain to see, dana hired his buddies and his buddies desserted him.
    dana should have the gonads to go to him and insist he take a pay cut.
    if i were dana, i'd take a pay cut too. or wouldn't have accepted the pay raise he got this year...
    with huggie making in the area of $10,000 per day, and dana's salary, i have no doubt n why our athletic program is in the red and will continue for years to come.

    • Shawn

      DeForest was there for one season. He coached kids that he normally wouldnt recruit and so did the rest of the coaches. They had the wrong kids for their system and for the new league.

      And by the way DeForest IS one of best Special Teams coaches in the country thats for sure.

      And as for money, I'm sure you would turn down 10,000 a day huh? You're probably sitting in the basement right now sifting through your Social Security/Disability checks right now.

      • Big Dog

        if you go by o.state's special teams performances while he was there, you can easily see why he is a very poor coach no matter where he's coached.

        • Shawn

          The 2010 Oklahoma State kicker/punter combination of Dan Bailey and Quinn Sharp ranked as the best in the country in 2010. Bailey won the Lou Groza Award and Sharp was a first-team All-American by the Football Writers Association of America.

          Freshman Justin Gilbert excelled in the return game under DeForest's in 2010, leading the Big 12 and ranking second nationally with two kickoff return touchdowns. Gilbert's 26.9 yards per kick return average ranked second in the Big 12 and 24th nationally.

          DeForest was behind seven non-offensive touchdowns in 2010, as Oklahoma State's special teams unit accounted for two kick return touchdowns, a punt return touchdown and two blocked punt returns for touchdowns and safeties Johnny Thomas and Markelle Martin both returned interceptions for touchdowns.

          In 2008, punter Matt Fodge was the winner of the Ray Guy Award presented to the nation's top punter, punt returner Dez Bryant was the Big 12 special teams player of the year and kick returner Perrish Cox set a Big 12 record with two kick returns for touchdowns to up his career total to four kick returns for scores, a figure that at one time led all active NCAA players. Cox was a first-team All-America honoree by and was a third-team All-America kick returner by

          DeForest's 2008 punt unit ranked sixth in the nation, his punt return squad ranked second nationally and his kick return squad was 18th nationally.

          WOW...I cant believe we hired this guy! He's done nothing with special teams! HAHA nice try Big Dog!

          • Wemakerain

            Boom goes the dynamite

  • Don

    Dana just said that Deforest is one of the best coaches in the country in special teams more like the highest paid @ 500,000 year what a joke

    • cutty77

      Well if you don't think there important.Look at these Numbers.Our Net Punting was 110th in the nation.Tyler missed More Field Goals than he made,missed two EXtra Points.He cost us 4 ball games,so put a Dollor Figure on That.Its in The Millions my friend.Thats no Joke.

      • PhotoBoothe

        Cutty made a point. Agree or disagree, but if you can't rebut his argument without immediately resorting to jr. high insults, it does not speak well of you, your arguments - or the institution that you are an "alum" of.