KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Matt Humphrey, in what likely was the final game of his one-year stint at West Virginia, produced a seven-point offensive flurry during the first three minutes of the second half.

But in the midst of it, he also produced a technical foul.

After his 3-pointer drew WVU to within 42-41, Humphrey was hit with a technical as he trash-talked a Texas Tech player on the defensive end.

“I mean I said something, but it wasn’t something that would warrant a tech,” Humphrey said. “I mean we’re playing basketball and it’s the Big 12 tournament and John Higgins feels the need to call a tech. I don’t want to blame the referees but he’s horrible.

“But it is what it is. It’s my mistake and I shouldn’t have said anything at all.”

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Aaric Murray picked up one of two technical fouls dealt to WVU players in Wednesday’s 71-69 loss to Texas Tech.

That followed a technical dealt to West Virginia’s Aaric Murray during the first half, also regarding something that he allegedly said to a Red Raiders player, In all, Texas Tech made 3-of-4 free throws after the two technicals — points that proved crucial in the Red Raiders’ 71-69 win.

“I guess there was some talking going on. (The officials) told them to shut up, and our guys I think said something after they were told to be quiet.

“The truth of he matter is it should never happen. You can go back and look — my guys don’t do that. They have never done that. It’s inexcusable.”

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  • Tim C

    Now that the season is over.....can all you Huggins Bashers just shut the h$%# up!

    • Mac

      Not to mention Bobby Bowden... He was REALLY run out of town. It says a lot for WVU when they chase away the winningest coach in college football history...

    • Mac

      Tim, some people are never happy with what we have. Look at all the people who ran Nehlen out of town.

  • Mister Man

    I was not surprised that Humphrey got a tech in his last game. As a matter of fact, I wasn't surprised that Murray got one in his last game at WVU.

  • Mister Man

    What ever happened to free speech? The NCAA suspended it!


  • Allan

    And you thought it would be different in the playoffs? In the end, at least we were consistent..consistently bad. Sometimes change is painful and moving to the BIG12 has been painful, but better days are ahead...but not next year. I can only hope to see improvement and a direction to better rather than worse. Be patient everyone and stay positive and give your support to the coaches and young men and we will rise again from the burning ashes of defeat to once more kick some a_ _.

    • Mister Man

      Things will be better next year.

  • cutty77

    Please don't use The Techs as a reason we lost.At the end of the game 2 players missed 3 back ends of one on ones.Miles missed one then Dennis Missed two,and thats hard to do.Things happen for a reason.I'm glad its over,and i'm sure some of the players are too.

  • Shadow

    Another way to tip the game!

  • Shadow

    What ever happened to free speech? The NCAA suspended it!

  • WVU Fan

    I think Larry is NOT a true Mountaineer! We will be better next year, with Huggins!

    • chris

      Drink yourself to stupid Huggie!

  • Shawn

    Show me a player who doesnt trash talk another player at some point in the game. I guess Huggs is the blame for every player in the country? Get over it bud!

  • rtdeco

    big larry...how ironic your mother has the same thought about you!

  • Big Larry

    How can you blame the players when they are only acting like their coach?