The first of what advocates hope will be a number of forums on child poverty is set for Saturday in Logan.  Lida Shepherd with the Appalachian Center for Equality says the forum is a chance to put the issue in the spotlight like it hasn’t been previously.

“The rate of children living in poverty has crept up over the past decade,” said Shepherd. “I think it’s somewhat under the radar.”

However, she and others are hoping the event at the Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College will start the tide moving in the other direction.  Shepherd said 30-percent of the children in Logan County between birth and age six live in poverty.   She believes with those statistics it’s the perfect place to start talking about solutions.

“Child poverty is a very complex problem,” said Shepherd. “But there are very real solutions.  Doable solutions.”

Shepherd knows talking about a problem in a forum and addressing it with action are two different things.  She believes this is a different kind of forum.   She said it’s a forum where everybody in attendance will leave with a mission and a simple task they are asked to do to become part of the solution.

“It may just be writing a letter to Governor Tombline in support of medicaid,”  said Shepherd as an example. “We are really wanting everybody who comes to that forum to commit to taking action.  That’s how things happen.”

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  • Keefe my man

    There ought to be more forums to help educate folks like Keefe. Poverty is on the increase. There are multiple drivers other than the last recession that will continue to increase poverty and low incomes: globalization has killed American manufacturing, technology, decline of unIons, fewer men going to college, and decline of marriage, etc.

    The world economy is shifting and the culture. A college education is now needed or you will likely be poor in your lifetime.

  • Keefe

    Most people born in poverty do not stay that way if they stay away from the government tit and want to better themselves. The ones on Government assistance normally do. So stop government assistance,but the Government rewards unwed mothers and is the problem with it's anti family views. The solution less government support and more fathers and mothers being married and responsible rich or poor.That is what we should have not Government forums. The Government has created more poverty since LBJ. They sit around and talk talk about their Democratic party way to solving a poverty problem. In reality they actually only create more poverty, but it is job security for these bureaucratic parasites.