The state Supreme Court says further investigation is needed into the administration of Kanawha County Circuit Judge Carrie Webster’s office and the Circuit Clerk’s office.

The Administrative Order was handed down Thursday afternoon, just two days after the high court ordered a preliminary inquiry.

The order stated that based upon information gathered from the preliminary official inquiry, the court deemed it necessary to further investigate matters related to the administration of the docket of Judge Carrie Webster to make sure that fair and appropriate standards are being upheld.

The investigation would include but not be limited to the procedures of Judge Webster’s office and the office of the Circuit Clerk of Kanawha County, according to the order.

Questions were initially raised after accused kidnapper Jeremy Carter was accidentally released from the South Central Regional Jail last week.

Judge Webster initially took full responsibility for the mistake, but later, in a three page report, placed sole responsibility on a worker in Circuit Clerk Cathy Gatson’s office.

Carter was taken into custody once again Tuesday night at a South Charleston home.

No further details have been released in regards to the investigation.

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    No doubt when reading this report that Ms. Webster is still a good ole kanawha county politician at heart. Initially she took the blame, then when the chance presented..... she passed the buck onto a lowly clerk employee...........