CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Aaron Muncy scored 21 points and No. 1 Tug Valley defeated third-seeded Charleston Catholic 58-41, becoming the first public school since 2001 to win the Class A state title.

Tug Valley (25-3), which won the Class AA championship last season before moving down in classification, took the lead late in the second quarter and never allowed Charleston Catholic room for a comeback, holding the Irish to 15 points in the second half.

“There’s no three sweeter words right now than back-to-back,” said Tug Valley coach Garland Thompson, who was an assistant coach of Williamson, the last public school to win a Class A banner. “I’m just tickled to death for our community, school, and most importantly our four seniors and that team celebrating on that floor out there.”

Muncy scored 16 of his game-high total in the first half, connecting on 4-of-7 from 3-point range.

“I got a lucky bounce on my first 3 there,” Muncy said. “When I saw that go in I had a lot of confidence in myself.”

“We’ve seen many great guards throughout the years, but never three like that together.” — Charleston Catholic coach Bill McClanahan on Tug Valley’s trio of Aaron Muncy, Austin Brewer and Mikey Newsome.

Austin Brewer contributed 15 points on 7-of-13 shooting from the field for the Panthers, who shot 46 percent overall.

“I just did my thing today. I drove to the basket and dished it out,” Brewer said, who had five assists as well. “If I had a layup then I would take what they gave me.”

Counting Mikey Newsome’s 10 points, Tug Valley’s three guards amassed 46 of the Panthers’ 58 points.

“It was just like pick your poison with them,” said Charleston Catholic coach Bill McClanahan. “We’ve seen many great guards throughout the years, but never three like that together.”

Charleston Catholic (24-4) was paced by Nick George’s 13 points. Garrett McCarty added 10 points and Keiffer Hovorka connected on all three of his 3s, scoring nine points.

“I thought we came out and played at our highest level the first eight to 10 minutes,” McClanahan said. “Then we leveled off and Tug Valley took advantage of that.”

The all-tournament selections included Muncy, Brewer and Newsome of Tug Valley; David Godwin, Zach Casto and George of Charleston Catholic; Ian Nichols of Tucker County; and David Park of Wheeling Central.

— CJ Ricker

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  • Panther

    Chief whats the matter you CCHS fans (fair weather) can dish it out but can't take it? Rastas started it! Just be a good sport about it. I have to say I agree with just the facts except score was 58-41 today. I wasn't making fun of the Pope, just stating not all is bad in the land of Catholic! By the way all of the education remarks just prove 1 thing CCHS has no CLASS and no CHAMPIONSHIP this year!!!!!!!!!

  • Chief Casavantes

    Panther has the worst post of all. Lay off the Pope while you enjoy a well earned victory.

  • Just the facts

    Bluefield played Fairmont Sr. which dropped down a class and had no problem ex. 63-43.If CCHS was the better team then they would have won but we all know what happened when the great TUG VALLEY played CCHS 61-48 regular season and 56-41 today. Get over it! The better TEAM won!

  • Panther

    To all you CCHS fans just face it! You are no longer a big fish in a small pond with Magnolia and TUG VALLEY around get used to 2nd place you sore sport! You have your POPE and we are the CHAMPIONS.P.S. I can still see tears and black smoke from todays game! Maybe you need to STICK to ACADEMICS and we will major in ATHLETICS with a minor in kicking your butts from now on.

    • Nana In Louisa

      Panther has the best post on here. This was a basketball tournament, nothing about making grades, going to college, etc. I know for a fact doctors, lawyers and a lot of other professionals have come out of TV. Congrats boys! Most TV players come from a long history of fathers, grandfathers, etc. being championship basketball players! Also, TV fans are THE BEST!

  • Just a Fan

    Really proud of all the players, from both teams. It was a very hard fight till the end, with neither giving up.
    Who cares what the grad rate is, or if a team recruits? It's all about basketball. It came down to these 2, and obviously Tug was the best. Be proud of both teams, because there were a lot that didn't even make it that far.
    Congrats Tug Valley.

  • Yes

    You must be proud.....68% graduation rate! Wow!!!!!!!! Good thing you have something to do other than study.

    • Bill

      I am tired of the petty remarks demeaning CCHS. TV has an excellent basketball team. It is the best in "A.". Unfortunately, if it were an academic tournament, TV would have lost its first game in the sectionals. I was shocked by the players' many grammatical errors in the post-game interviews. I'd like to evaluate the school's language arts and English curriculum. There will probably be some TV graduates attending college, but they will be the exception rather than the norm.
      CCHS does not recruit. Its athletes have been educated in Catholic schools since preschool and kindergarten. CCHS has five National Merit Finalists this year. Most of them play at least one sport. I doubt that TV will have five National Merit scholars within fifty years. CCHS expects excellence in every facet of the students' lives. I wouldn't be surprised if the athletes at TV are coddled in the classroom. The seniors will have a rude awakening next year!

      • Educated Tug Valley Graduate

        I'll have you know that most of our athletes take AP and Dual Credit classes! Just because Tug Valley is a public school, doesn't mean the education isn't as good as the Catholic schools. I received my education from Tug Valley, went on to study Accounting at Marshall, and now work for the state of West Virginia. I wouldn't think I've done too bad for myself with my public school education.

        Also, those petty remarks about CCHS that you spoke of, I think everything you just posted is petty. GROW UP! And how is this for petty, I wish I'd have a chance to punch you in the face! I'd like to tell you where to take your five National Merit Finalists and stick them, but I'm going to be a better person ;-)

        • TVHS96

          You're just an arrogant moron. Unlike a public school, private schools don't have to take special needs students. Don't delude yourselves into thinking you're superior. Quite frankly, you're worse human beings than we are due to your elitist attitudes.

          Now, to the game. Where were your fans? I guess it was too far for them to travel to the Charleston Civic Center.

      • Valorie

        Bill, I suppose you missed the super foul language of your students in the hall way. If that's the language skills your boasting about, you should be ashamed. Our kids have values and respect for others. We are very proud of our students and their accomplishments. Your team was good, but ours was better.

    • Really

      Obviously you have nothing better to do than get on here and down TV! It is what it is.. Both teams played a good game but TV pulled ahead and WON. Get over it. They deserved it like it or not. Don't worry yourself with what % graduates from TV, worry about your own school! Haters will hate what they can't imitate! Panther Pride Ahhhhh TV!

    • Panther mom

      I think you need to get your facts straight before you keep making yourself look like an idiot. I know for a "fact" that most of the Tug Valley players take honors classes and duel credit "college" classes. I don't know of any player in the last 10 years or so that never graduated. My son is a 4.0 student, also goes to the state math field competition as well as plays several sports, as most of Tug Valleys team does as well and keep their grades up. If you want an intelligence contest I will put mine and several others on the team up against your players. I'm also not afraid to give my sons name or hide behind a fake name on here like you do. My son is # 20 for the Panthers, his name is Hayden Sturgell and you get the watch him for two more years. Also half our team the players are christians and go to church so their not just using a Catholic name to act like they are holier than thou, they really are the real deal.......

  • #1

    I am more than proud of our Panther's...Those boys played their hearts out. As far as the rest of the teams you guys have something to be proud of, you made it to State. Please don't bash people on here, it really only makes you look like someone who is uneducated. Way to go Panther's!!!!!! You make WV and Mingo County very very proud...Have class and be the bigger persons!!!!! God Bless!!!!! =)

  • Really

    Why put TV down? CC tried and that's all you can do. They did make it to the championship game so that's saying something! As far as you acting like people from TV, don't make it out of 12th grade, boy your on a roll... NOT! If I recall correctly, TV hasn't just beat "AA" schools but "AAA". This is something they have prepared for since kids...They deserve it! These boys.. Eat, sleep and breathe basketball. Love of the the game and knowledge of what's been taught to them is why they are the Champions. Be glad they weren't " AA" they would have dominated it too!

    • Bishop

      Really, I am a huge CCHS fan and I applaud your team and your post. TV won because as you accurately stated, TV lives and breathes basketball and the state titles are the reward. Too bad Catholic school haters, especially those from the likes of tucker co., dont followTV's example and build their own programs up rather than focus on tearing down successful ones - private school or not

      • Scott

        Where exactly is Tucker Co hating on Catholic schools? I don't see anybody from Tucker tearing down catholic schools.

  • AHallRN

    Honestly?!?! You are such a sore loser, you have to be disrespectful to the Mingo county area?? That is so sad and pathetic!! Tug Valley HS are a great basketball team and they won fair and square!! Suck it up!!

  • Mattman

    Wow, what a profoundly stupid post...TV was clearly the best class "A" team in the state this year...and could have likely gone deep at the "AA" level as well...they played with great focus and class...our school (GBC) lost three times to them this year and ended 19-6 (other losses were to Magnolia, Tucker and Riverside) maybe if anyone had a reason for sour grapes it would be us...but maybe we have a little something you lack...class...and maybe the Irish need better luck recruiting players, so you won't have to show your dim wits again next year...

  • ShinnstonGuy

    I think there should be a separate class for the private schools. Since they can recruit they present an unfair advantage to the counties that generally have few students. Case in point: Tug Valley is the first public school to win the boys' title since 2001.

    • Yes

      Prove your recruiting theory please! These kids start out at the grade school and continue to the high school. Name the players that were recruited. I await your reply!!!!!!!

      • Mdh

        Hey YES to prove your disbelief about private schools not being able to recruit. Go to this years baseball tourney in chars, when wheeling central is there as they always are, pick up a program and look at where their players are from. Over half are from penn and Ohio. No what public WV school can get out of state talent?

        • Bishop

          Every WC player at this years basketball tourney attended a local Catholic feeder elementary school. Every CCHS player except one attended a Catholic school since first grade and the one who didn't enrolled at cc middle school. So where sure the recruits mdh?

      • homegrown

        private schools have recruited forever thats why our bordering states have them in their very own conference because the playing field is unfair. I won't name recruits , but I have family members that have been , and if lived in those area's and were offered the same, my kids would probably be attending too.

  • TV mom

    Sounds like some sore losers out there.All three of my kids who played ball for TV graduated from college,one is a civil engineer,one a nurse and one an accountant but we all are very loyal panther fans.TV has proven they can play in any class because they have some.

  • Tom

    Congratulation to Tug Valley for there great game. Congratulation to CCHS boys work to get back in next year. PS Don't worry about what Larry says he will be picking up his food stamps on Monday.

  • Larry

    Great job TV, CC boys will have to find solace driving around in their daddies beemers.

  • CrusadersFan

    Congrats, Tug Valley! Looking forward to great games next year!