Two Steubenville High School student athetes have been convicted of raping a 16 year old girl last summer.

In Jefferson County Juvenile Court Sunday morning, visiting Judge Tomas Lipps saw enough evidence to prove that Trent Mays and Ma’Lik Richmond were diliquent of the crime. Delinquent is the juvenile court equivalent of guilty.

Richmond will spend a minimum of one year and Mays will serve a minimum of two years in detention.

For the first degree felony rape conviction, both teens were ordered to be admitted to Department of Youth Services for a minimum of one year or a maximum of until they turn age 21.

In addition to his rape conviction, Mays was also found delinquent of transmitting nudity oriented pictures of a minor. He will serve one year or a maximum of until he turns age 21 for the charge. Both of his felony sentences will run consecutively.

The judge ordered the teens to receive appropriate treatment for the crimes and not to be released by the DYS until a court has determined that the teens can register as juvenile sex offenders.

The judge also said the teens are not allowed to have any contact with the victim until they turn 21.

Both teens pleaded not guilty of raping the girl at a party on Aug. 11, 2012. The charges stem from a police report that was filed by the victim’s parents in Steubenville, OH on August 14.

After the sentence was handed out, Mays and Richmond apologized to the victim’s family for what they had done.

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  • Allan

    Good to see the visiting judge, the honorable Tomas Lipps is so tough on crime…what a joke.
    Wonder if he has a teenage daughter?

  • Parents - STEP UP!

    Those boys should be ashamed of themselves and count their lucky stars that they didn't get put in adult jail with the real rapers. As for the girl, the innocent young girl who thought it was cool to drink herself to unconsciousness... where were HER parents in all of this. Why would they allow their daughter to go to parties that did not have parent supervision? I have 4 boys and unless I speak to a parent(s) of the party organizer, my boys cannot attend - they range from 4 - 19 years old. Parents need to start keeping track of their children - pay attention. If you don't have answers to.... do you know where your children hang out? Do you know who their friends are? Are their friends good students or are they troublemakers? - then something is wrong. Parents need to start asking those questions that their kids don't like - they are minors not adults. Be all up in their business.

    Again, I'm very angry with those boys but the bottom line is....a 16 year old girl, a minor, shouldn't be at unsupervised parties drinking herself drunk. That's not cool! I hope all young girls will look at this and educate themselves on how not to be in a situation like this.

  • Jim N Charleston

    Having watched a 12 minute 45 second video on YouTube with Mr Mays talking about this unconscious girl IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE FACT, I don't get this sentence at all. I watched this video a month ago and thought this guy is a dead man walking. How does he not go to an adult prison? How do you only get 2 years when his attitude after the fact is near as obscene as the rape itself?

    For those who haven't watched, it is pretty telling. Mr Trent Mays after having nonconsentual sexual intercourse in 2 different orfices on this lifeless unconscious 16 year old female body, he comments, 'She's as dead as Chris Henry, ... as dead as Obi 1 Kanoby after Darth Vader cut his head off, .... as dead as Kaylee Anthony, ..... as dead as Andy Ried's son, ..... as dead as Travon Martin' and a few other attempted humorous & vile comparisons are made. Was this video not played in court? If so why not? This rapist says he doesn't care what he did to this unconscious girl.

    I don't get a 2 year sentence for raping someone unconscious & bragging about it on video.

    What a justice system we have. I see why the lady holding the scales is wearing a blind fold, she can't stand to see what's going on.

    • Pittsburgh Pete

      That wasn't Mays in the video not in anyway condoning what he did, but that was not Mays speaking in the video. It was another group of boys. You can google pretty easily the name of the kid speaking in the video its out there he was an Ohio State student and the repercussions for him include that he is no longer a student at tOSU.

    • Larry

      Even though his "jail" sentence was short, his life in general is essentially ruined, with a felony rape conviction his opportunities will be very limited. So there is some justice in that I suppose.

      • thornton

        "So there is some justice in that I suppose."

        Not enough.
        Come on, Karma.

        • Larry

          True, but I would hate to be a 17 year old boy and know that I will have to go through life being known as a convicted rapist, and have to register as a sex offender forever.

          • thornton

            I believe that what the 16 year-old girl faced and faces for the rest of her life easily trumps the adjudged guilty!

  • Cadams2-1

    I agree. Where are the parents at when these kids are out geting smashed? I also agree that thses boy's got a lsap onthe rist.

  • Larry

    This whole thing should serve as a wake up call to these kids "parents". It is a very bad idea to let 16, and 17 year old kids drink, party, etc. Our society is definitely in decline, and morality seems to be a thing of the past.


    These guys got off with a slap on the wrist. The girl has to live with this memory and the humiliation of the photos on social media. This isn't justice. If this was my daughter, I would not be happy in the least. I hope they get what they really deserve later in life somehow. This was simply to easy what what they did and then tried to lie their way out of it.

    • WVWho

      The girl also has to live with the memory of getting absolutely wasted and drinking underage and making the decision to go to that party in the first place. I in no way condone what the guys did, but both parties are in the wrong here...

  • DRIVER66

    They were sorry for nothing. Only sorry for themselves that they got caught. Sentence is WAY to easy !!