An exhibition match-up on the basketball court for Clay-Battelle’s 2012 football team. The Cee Bees and head coach Ryan Wilson will take on six members of the Steelers Tuesday evening, in an effort to raise money for the Clay-Battelle football program.

It’s something Wilson has been able to do in the past with the Steelers.

“It’s been a great event the two previous times,” Wilson said. “The kids have fun and that’s what it’s all about.”

Tuesday’s game is set for 8:00. The six Steelers players will be signing autographs at halftime — Wilson, though, wasn’t sure on who those six players would be.

“You never know, we might beat the Steelers,” he joked. “The last time we played them, they beat us by 20 points, but I put in some new offense this year. So, I don’t think they’ll know what hit them.”

The Cee Bees, meanwhile, are getting ready to head into the 2013 season with new turf, bleachers and a new press box.

“Right now they aren’t working on the field because it’s too muddy,” Wilson said. “So, we’re waiting for some dry weather so we can get started again.”

The upgrades are expected to be ready by the beginning of this season. As for the group he’ll have back for the upcoming year?

“We’ve got them in the weight room right now and we have a good turnout,” Wilson said. “We’re excited for next year and we feel we have a nice nucleus coming back to continue what we’ve been doing here.”


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