Discussions are beginning at the State Capitol regarding the financial future of the Veterans Ticket Program through the West Virginia Lottery.

The Veterans Ticket sales are down compared to other instant games and Lottery Director John Musgrave said the programs finances are dwindling.

“There is no question that they have resources to last probably another couple of years, maybe three years before they start running into difficulty,” said Musgrave.

Proceeds from the sale of Veterans Tickets go to support various veteran programs throughout the state.

Musgrave was before the House Finance Committee last week during which lawmakers said the introduction of numerous new games is making the Veterans Ticket look less attractive.

Committee members suggested maybe letting the states fraternal and veterans organizations have sole control over the sale of the ticket. Musgrave said they tried that before when the program first started.

“We would allow them just to handle that ticket and we wouldn’t even question their license, of course we would track it, keep control of it, and regulate it, but we said we’d give you authority to sell it out of your operations,” said Musgrave.

Musgrave added that very few of the organizations actually decided to control their ticket.

Musgrave told committee members that he was planning to meet with the leaders of the state’s fraternal and veteran organizations in an attempt to come up with a solution. Members added that they will begin discussing the matter further as well .

Musgrave said in the past the WV Lottery has tried to carry the program, but they can’t do that anymore so something has to be done.

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  • ShinnstonGuy

    People don't want the Veteran's tickets because they are boring. For goodness' sake, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out. The WV Lottery issues three to five new tickets a month, many with interesting variations on the old theme. The veterans' games, meanwhile, are the same old, same old without the flashy colors and interesting graphics. Perhaps they should make more of the mainstream tickets go toward the veterans' needs.