Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin has issued a temporary hiring freeze for all general revenue funded positions in the executive branch of state government.

Tomblin says he’s doing so because tax collections for the current fiscal year are below estimates by $35 million and that number is expected to grow.

The governor says the hiring freeze is exactly that and there will be no furloughs or layoffs.

Tomblin issued a statement Tuesday morning:

“While we have fared better than most states in recent years, our nation’s economic challenges continue to impact our state’s revenue collections. The plan I’m implementing ensures key government services will continue to be provided to our people, and necessary employment positions to deliver those services will be filled. This will help us ensure our financial house will remain in order at fiscal year end,” Tomblin said.

The general revenue positions that are currently vacant or become vacant between now and June 30 will not be filled unless they get special approval from the governor’s office.

Tomblin says positions funded by special revenue sources are not part of the hiring freeze.


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  • TBone

    West Virginia, open for business.
    Not anymore.

  • the truth

    Tomblin and Manchin have a history of sticking it to their employees. You have had a defacto hiring freeze since 2005 when Manchin took the ability away to receive a merit raise. Tomblin claimed to have lifted it in certain situations but thats more or less a lie. See the numbers approved for one and you will see the BS. Now the only way to get a pay increase is to switch jobs. Many people hop jobs in state govenment for this reason. However, you have hundreds of unfilled positions because of low pay and no way to advance. DHHR is down 20% of its workforce before this official hiring freeze.
    The sad thing is the state employees who voted for these fools. Tomblin and Manchin both only take care of their political cronies. I bet we have no hiring freeze on them. I expect more lawsuits over pay issues like you had at Bateman and Sharp hospital. All because you cannot keep staff and indanger peoples lives.
    They are turning Salem into and adult prison. How they going to find employees to work it? Corrections I know is on the edge of collapse because of low pay and the inablity to keep good employees from leaving due to the pay situation.
    Lets hear from the Tomblin that they are going to cut some of the deadbeats off the tit of governement. That would be a novel approach. Think on this, 3 1/2 billion is spent on medicaid in this state and Tomblin wants to expand it.

  • What happened to wv?

    People used to want to work in wv. The work ethic has left. People would rather be on welfare than go out work hard and work their way up. The sky is the limit with hard work, passion, and leadership ability.

    • Sean

      Well the good jobs left decades ago. Working for a state agency was one of the few decent jobs left that had good benefits. Now it seems more of those are going as well. What you're left with is Walmart as the top employer where a seasoned veteran might top out around $10/hour. The best advice for a young person is to get your education and then leave the state for a decent job.

    • Big Jim

      I can tell you what happened to WV, most of the hard working people moved out to find fair paying jobs and left the welfare pill addicted people behind for the most part. There are still hard working people in the state, but they are too busy working to support three or four other bums who don't work. I know I am tired of going to work while my welfare neighbors have the time of his life hunting, fishing and drinking all day long. Enough is enough! By the way, some of these bums I am related to.

      • C.Hoffman

        You speak great truth here Big Jim.

  • a thought

    Big time shortages at state hospitals mostly because of good ole boy system used when hiring. People would rather be on welfare than deal with the type of crap at these places. The real question is when does this become abuse of an incapacitated adult? These folks deserve better.

  • rick

    Won't affect our agency much. We could not hire anyone anyway....once they hear what they will be paid they leave the interview and go apply for a better job at McDonalds.

    • cutty77

      This is why we call West Virginia WILD AN WONDERFUL. We are use to bad Treatment.LOL

      • Wapjr

        There you go. I know it is bad everywhere but we have worked with a skeleton crew for years. Not much different I guess. We were going to hire 6 persons and it would have helped but guess we just do the best we can with what we have for awhile longer. There are alot of people needing jobs here in WV.

  • Wapjr

    Although I work for a state agency that has many manpower shortages, I also pay out taxes and cannot fork up anymore. Just understand that when you file a non-emergency complaint and it takes a few days to get back to you, it is due to lack of employees to respond. With cuts one must understand slower services.

  • C.Hoffman

    It's a step in the right direction. The taxpayer can longer support bloated fiscally irresponsible government and it's progeny.

    • stophating

      Funny this freeze took place about a week after Wade Linger and State Board of Education hired 3 people at nearly a half million in salary.

      • C.Hoffman

        stophating: Are the hires you cite considered general revenue funded positions in the executive branch? If so that is quite the coincidence

  • cutty77

    Earl Ray is right on with this.The Nation is coming around slowly money wise.This summer we will be fine.