MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Dustin Garrison, now 16 months removed from ACL surgery, claims he has regained full confidence and strength in his injured knee.

He felt certain enough to remove the knee brace during the latter portions of 2012, when he saw limited action in 10 games, rushing 46 times for 207 yards and two touchdowns.

“Toward the end of the season is when I started getting to where I was completely healthy,” said Garrison.

One of three juniors expected to compete for carries next season, Garrison said Andrew Buie and juco transfer Dreamius Smith are sharing opportunities this spring. Freshman Wendell Smallwood, an early enrollee, also worked into the rotation during the half-hour in which the media observed Tuesday’s practice.

The running backs are getting acclimated to their new position coach JaJuan Seider, who accepted an offer to return to WVU only 48 hours before spring practice began.

“We’re all getting our equal share of reps with the starters or the second-string,” Garrison said. “I think Coach (Dana) Holgorsen and Coach Seider are trying to evaluate and see where we are at running back.”

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  • Helen5844

    Remember, Pat White was a first year starter when he began. We had four years of great quarterbacking. This will be the first year as 1st string quarterback for Milard or Ford. Who ever wins the position, they will be expected to play with great Mountaineer pride. I have great respect for who ever wins. It is going to be a tough battle.

  • #1 WVU FAN !!

    Once a MOUNTAINEER !! always a MOUNTAINEER !!

  • Curtiebone

    I think the over under wins this year is five. Besides a lot of new faces on offense we have the same faces on defense. We also have many new coaches on the staff. Lots of change to be very optomistic. Hope I'm wrong too.

  • Henry Hall

    I'm a fan and after all the hyp last year I wonedr if they know what they have. As for me I'll wait until they play a Big 12 game..

  • RP

    Thanks for that lesson, Bill. Looking forward to 102.

  • Bill Carter

    It all starts with the "O" Line, if its bad, it will effect both the passing and running game. "Football 101 my friends."

  • Chad

    I think if you watched last year when we couldn't run even with our stars we didn't produce well. I hope we can be balanced.

  • tony

    yeah i with dana werent not gonna throw it around.......ha ha ha

  • Shawn

    Trust me...we will be just fine in the passing game.

  • Matt

    Any time "The wizard" coach Holgerson has a passing game it's a threat, period.

  • mauldawg

    Todd, How do you know we will not have a strong passing game? Do you know something the staff does not know? It is fans like you, if in fact your are a fan that we don't need. If you don't have the facts we are better off not reading your made up stories.

    • Omar

      Settle down, mauldawg. Just because you don't agree with his opinion doesn't mean he's a "fan we don't need." Every single post on here is an opinion. Your assessment of his opinion is an opinion. If he had said the same thing before last season about our defense you would have made a fool of yourself for picking that opinion apart.

      • Todd

        Thanks Omar Well put. Go Mountaineers! Good luck to the girls on sunday

    • Todd

      Well first of all I am a fan and have been for 40 + years. Second of all I'm not doing any "reporting stories". All I'm saying is the facts. We have qb's with little to no snaps in a game running an offense that takes time to learn. Our 3 best receivers are gone, with a couple more leaving the team. I hope I'm wrong, but the qb / wr " gel" will take awhile. Oh and by the way if you don't like my "stories" I suggest you don't read and sports books or watch espn for at least 6 months

  • Todd

    I hope we are strong at the RB position because we WILL NOT be in the passing game