The debate continues across the Mountain State after a resolution was introduced in the House of Delegates this week that, if approved, would make the pepperoni roll West Virginia’s official state food.

“People are passionate about food, for sure,” West Virginia Living Editor Nikki Bowman said on Wednesday’s MetroNews Talkline.

“It’s part of our heritage.  When you think about things that make us who we are, food is an important part of that.”

Bowman says West Virginia Living recently conducted an online poll on the state’s food favorites.

“Pinto beans and cornbread won.  It beat pepperoni rolls as the favorite West Virginia food,” Bowman said.  Others have suggested ramps, biscuits and gravy, buckwheat cakes or deer jerky as possible official foods.

“These are things that do speak to our heritage and what makes us unique,” she said.

The lead sponsor for the pepperoni roll resolution is Boone County Delegate Josh Nelson.  The co-sponsors are Delegate Mike Caputo and Delegate Tim Manchin, both from Marion County, along with Harrison County Delegate Richard Iaquinta.

Fairmont is known as the place where the pepperoni roll was first invented.

Food is already partly addressed in state law.

The golden delicious apple is West Virginia’s official state fruit.  The Legislature adopted a resolution declaring as much in 1995.

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  • Wendy

    Why not use something native to WV such as ramps, beans & cornbread, etc. who on earth chose the pepperoni roll. Where in WV can you go buy the best pepperoni roll ever? Our state is not known for them... I think there should have been an entire state vote.

  • WestBGV

    Incredible, wasting time on designating a state food. Really? Nothing better to do? Hope the Legislature doesn't need a Special Session this year to get the real People's business done.

    Hey, I enjoy an occasional pepperoni roll - from a number of WV families who claim to actually have been the originator. Just as I also enjoy ramps and buckwheat pancakes and other delicacies as mentioned by others. But those Legislators who laughed in chambers were right to.

    And so, as I too laugh heartily, sitting at a table for a meal that includes each WV treasure, I proclaim that clearly and completely intuitively the lowly but WV native and delicious member of the leek/lily family ramps should have its rightful and just place as the state of West Virginia's food. All other arguments are inconsequential by comparison.

    More important business now please.

  • John

    The West Virginia hot dog is the only logical choice.Many restuarants are known by the hot dogs they make,everyone from churches to drive inns ect. The WV hot dog has a following state wide enjoyed by young and old alike and can be purchased in more places than any other afore mentioned foods. The food does not have to be invented in WV anymore than the black bear,cardinal,rhododendron ect is.

    • John

      Just ask anyone from any small town in WV and they will surely have a hot dog that remains at the top of their list,but ask state wide about any of the others and many are choices are local cuisine. You can get a WV hot dog anywhere just ask for one by name.

      • jake_d

        i've lived in wv my whole life. what the hell is a wv hotdog?

  • a thought

    What a freaking waste of time and tax dollars just plain stupid

  • CaptainQ

    I was on the road today and got to listen to most of MetroNews Talkline in my car. I heard much of the debate about what should be named the 'official' state food. Among all the options mentioned (pepperoni rolls, beans and cornbread, ramps, etc) one very important contender was not even brought up:

    Mister Bee's Potato Chips!

    The only potato chip produced in WV and the ONLY brand of potato chip made the old fashioned way with all the transfats in them!

    I nominate Mister Bee's Potato Chips to be the official food of this great state!

    Why not? Makes as much sense as the other proposed suggestions.

  • west virginian

    Cornbread,Pinto Beans with ONIONS.

    True West Virginia Heritage Food......

    West Virginia Idiots eat Fast Food..