A resolution was introduced in the House of Delegates to make the pepperoni roll the official food of the state.

The House resolution simply reads: “Declaring the ‘pepperoni roll’ to be the official State Food of West Virginia.”

When the resolution was read during Tuesday’s floor session in the House, it brought laughter from the delegates. House Speaker Rick Thompson then said, “The clerk tells me I have to refer that to Rules (House Rules Committee).”

The resolution’s lead sponsor is Del. Josh Nelson of Boone County, and its co-sponsors include Del. Mike Caputo and Del. Tim Manchin, both of Marion County, and Del. Richard Iaquinta of Harrison County.

The pepperoni roll was first developed by Italian immigrants in north central West Virginia as a filling food coal miners could take to work.

Fairmont is known as the home of the pepperoni roll.

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  • NorthernWVman

    How about Coon?!?! Give dem der hillbillies sumtin' to reeeelllly talk bout!

  • Meeks

    I think it should be venison don't know of to many people who don't eat good deer meat or make jerky or burger etc.

  • Clark Harper

    I love me some pep rolls. I keep em in my back pocket - even been known to leave in a customer air conditioner acidentaly! LOL! You have my vote.

  • Jim

    The official food of WV should be Venison!
    Seriously, if this is all that legislators have to do in Charleston, it's a sad commentary on the State of West Virginia!
    Come guys, folks in WV are going hungry and without jobs or hope!

  • Michael

    I love Pepperoni Rolls, but the offical food should be Squrrel. It's delicious in with gravy and was a staple for us in Lincoln County..

  • Donna May

    You too PB! Have a great day!!! P.S. I LIKE THEM TOO!! LOL!

  • polarbear

    Nothing is more important that pepperoni rolls in my book. Just think how many people would go hungry in the blue lot without them. thanks for playin along : )

    • WestbyGodGirl

      Amen polarbear, amen. Let's go.

  • polarbear

    Donna dont you have more important thing to do then post on pepperoni roll message boards

    • Donna May

      Apparently neither do you polarbear....Just voicing my opinion. Smiles! ;)

  • Donna May

    I work at WVRC 104.7 FM in Spencer, WV and when this came across the news at 1:30 p.m., my first thought was "Are you freaking kidding me?" I mean, I have no problem with pepperoni rolls and I like them but DON'T WE HAVE MORE IMPORTANT ISSUES TO WORK ON IN WV THAN THIS????? SERIOUSLY????????

    • PepRollBro33

      You're an idiot. The only thing anyone should be focusing on is Pepperoni Rolls, you heathen.

  • polarbear

    Im all for it. They can put some standards on it like the do for wine in France. It can only be called a pepperoni roll if it is made with in 30 min Fairmont. Sorta like how Bordeaux must be from the correct reigon. If not made in the Fairmont area you would have to call it a roll w/ pepperoni or something other than pepperoni roll.

  • calvin stackpole

    This will bring the food police down on us hard im sure. Anything deemed not good for you by Michele and Michael has to go.

  • cutty77

    @Mr Carpenter.
    Great reporting my Man.

  • Kevin Smith

    Yes, it seems like a petty issue given the serious business before the state, but anyone who follows lawmaking knows that there are lulls in the process and using such time to make goodwill proclamations and decrees really doesn't take away from the real business. I say let it go. I'm from Fairmont and we'll erect a museum when this passes.

    • C.Hoffman

      That's funny Kevin. How about a parade too.

  • Uncle Toivu

    I would vote for ramps.

    • David S.

      I agree ramps should be the official state food but those rolls would no doubt smell better.

    • j


    • thornton

      Ditto...or buckwheat pancakes.

      • PepRollBro33

        I'd like to have a ramp that sends you diving into a big ol' pepperoni roll.

        You guys with me?

        • Clark Harper

          Amen brother!

  • Hook

    Seriously ?

    • Roger

      I'm afraid so. There are many problems facing West Virginians and Americans in general. The governor just announced a hiring freeze in an attempt to offset a budget issue because of a revenue shortfall.

      Meanwhile, these guys are focused on pepperoni rolls. They are obvioulsy honing their skills for national office.

      • Smokey

        You hit the nail on the head Roger,,,,how do these idiots keep getting elected?

      • Dave

        I agree 100% Roger.. But the sad truth is that in todays world "THIS IS A THIS WHAT THEY ARE FOCUSED ON" !!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Lecia Smith

          Lighten up, guys. I can no longer live in WV because the Democrats ran off all the jobs, but I grew up in southern WV and remember loving the pepperoni roll. Who doesn't love them?
          This is fun little WV cultural factoid. Where's the harm. Sounds like a great, marketable little idea. WV doesn't need a state flower or bird either. But you have them. I wish the House of Delegates spent less time imposing taxes and new regulation and instead took more time trying to maximize what is good about WV. If they would do that, maybe my family could come back.
          Find something real to complain about.

      • PepRollBro33

        How can you bro's not support this?

        There's truly no hope for this world. :'(