A resolution was introduced in the House of Delegates to make the pepperoni roll the official food of the state.

The House resolution simply reads: “Declaring the ‘pepperoni roll’ to be the official State Food of West Virginia.”

When the resolution was read during Tuesday’s floor session in the House, it brought laughter from the delegates. House Speaker Rick Thompson then said, “The clerk tells me I have to refer that to Rules (House Rules Committee).”

The resolution’s lead sponsor is Del. Josh Nelson of Boone County, and its co-sponsors include Del. Mike Caputo and Del. Tim Manchin, both of Marion County, and Del. Richard Iaquinta of Harrison County.

The pepperoni roll was first developed by Italian immigrants in north central West Virginia as a filling food coal miners could take to work.

Fairmont is known as the home of the pepperoni roll.

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    Sausage, Biscuits, and Gravy. That is all.

  • Waldo

    WASTED TAX DOLLARS,advertising for a few to make $$$$ on unhealthy food stuff:(

  • Waldo

    More OBESITY :(

  • Rimfire

    Keep it coming, my wife and I are rolling in laughter!

  • j

    venison and Ramps

  • CaptainQ

    Ramps would be the more appropriate choice for the 'state food' of WV.


    Because like our State elected lawmakers:

    THEY STINK!!!!!!

    • Halley's Comet

      Well stated captain

  • Shannon

    Oh, come on! We all know that the TRUE West Virginia state food is the good ol' West Virginia Slaw Dog!!!

  • Dennis

    What the hell....they passed a bill on road kill. Everyone is going to wish they had pepperoni rolls when Obama gets through with us...

    • Lecia Smith

      Hey WVtoNC, I'm WVtoVA. Maybe this kind of thing means more to those of us who were forced out of the state to look for a better life. I miss WV all the time. The thought of a pepperoni roll brings a smile to my face. I have great memories of growing up in WV. Sure wish I could come home. Maybe if more smart, young guys and gals like Josh Nelson get elected who are having some fun but would also try to save the coal industry and get Charleston out of the pockets of the taxpayers, and off the backs of the employers, coming home would be possible. Keep up the great work, Josh. WV is lucky that after you finished college, you didn't up and leave like so many others have. Stop the great WV brain drain. Fix the state so we can come home.

  • WVtoNC

    Hey all! I can understand your complaints about the House wasting time on this and not other more important issue's but I must say, "One of the things I miss most about home is pepperoni rolls, a few others Mister Bee's, Napolis and the Broadway sandwich shop." If I could make bread I'd make my own but I have a problem with yeast. Making them with pizza dough just isn't the same.

    • Larry

      Use the Rhodes frozen dough, it makes great pepperoni rolls.

      • WVtoNC

        Thanks Larry! I'll have to try that although I'm not sure I'll be able to find the Rhodes brand. I couldn't find frozen dough down here until we got a super walmart. I've heard to use refrigerator biscuits, but I don't think that would taste as good either.

        • Larry

          Yeah, any brand of the frozen dinner roll dough balls will work.

  • Halley's Comet

    Our roadways are in need of repair and we now have a hiring freeze for the State because revenue is down.

    I would prefer our elected officials prioritize potholes over pepperoni rolls

  • Larry

    It's now being reported that the state flower is going to be changed to the 20 oz. Mt. Dew bottle, since there are millions of them adorning our roadsides.

  • David Goad

    If the pepperoni roll becomes the official food of West Virginia then I'd like to introduce a resolution to make pinto beans and cornbread the official meal of West Virginia! Can I get a co-sponsor?

  • David Kennedy

    I think it's a good idea...
    Wv is gaining national momentum in many directions and food is one of them.
    My kids live out of state and I'm ordered several times a year to send the pepperoni so they can roll their own...
    BUT...and I say this cautiously...many states forbid the cooking of meat product(s) in bread, and some protectionist EPA group or Serria Club Wacko might feel threatened...
    This issue could become a sore focal point as this debate gathers steam..
    Wv has no common food to speak of and the Pepperoni Roll is as good as it gets...
    I say lets give it a run...

  • Wowbagger

    In business one important ability to perfect is the art of the deal. For the professional politician, on the other hand, the most important ability to perfect is the art of voter distraction.

  • Geno

    Only a Democrat's could come up with this one, it all shows, look back 85 years, we have advanced to a state food, I am 78 and have been waiting and waiting, finally, the Democrat's got it done, but that still puts us in 49th , I bet Joe had something to do with this.

    • J.P.

      Nope, Joshua Nelson is republican. I newly elected idiot that is trying way to hard to get his name attached to something. Should have seen his ideas for coal mining and avoiding the EPA. The young man is rather clueless.

      • Lecia Smith

        WV was just named the most miserable state in the country. Josh Nelson did not cause that. The WV Democrat political machine did.