A resolution was introduced in the House of Delegates to make the pepperoni roll the official food of the state.

The House resolution simply reads: “Declaring the ‘pepperoni roll’ to be the official State Food of West Virginia.”

When the resolution was read during Tuesday’s floor session in the House, it brought laughter from the delegates. House Speaker Rick Thompson then said, “The clerk tells me I have to refer that to Rules (House Rules Committee).”

The resolution’s lead sponsor is Del. Josh Nelson of Boone County, and its co-sponsors include Del. Mike Caputo and Del. Tim Manchin, both of Marion County, and Del. Richard Iaquinta of Harrison County.

The pepperoni roll was first developed by Italian immigrants in north central West Virginia as a filling food coal miners could take to work.

Fairmont is known as the home of the pepperoni roll.

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  • Judy Monell

    My Aunt Caroline Monell, from Fairmont, made the best pepperoni rolls ever. I can still remember the delicious flavor and aroma from 60+ years ago.
    Pepperoni rolls could put Fairmont on the map and provide some jobs --maybe even replace Hostess Ho Ho s and Twinkies!

  • WestBGV

    Incredible, wasting time on designating a state food. Really? Nothing better to do? Hope the Legislature doesn't need a Special Session this year to get the real People's business done.

    Hey, I enjoy an occasional pepperoni roll - from a number of WV families who claim to actually have been the originator. Just as I also enjoy ramps and buckwheat pancakes. But those who laughed in chambers were right to.

    And so, as I too laugh heartily, sitting at a table for a meal that includes each WV treasure, I proclaim that clearly and completely intuitively the lowly but WV native and delicious member of the leek/lily family ramps should have its rightful and just place as the state of West Virginia's food. All other arguments are inconsequential by comparison.

    More important business now please.

  • Medman

    Are those wonderful pepperoni rolls classed as "junk food" or what? Given the caloric content and carb rating, it seems to fit with WV's obesity rankings.

  • Creed Halbert

    Every REAL West Virginian knows that The WV HOT DOG is the Official Food of the State. DUH. By the way, 2/3 of the State calls them Pizza Bread(s). Lol

  • Dennis

    Why one.. Make a menu ...

    Pepperoni roll
    Hot dogs chil
    Biscuit and gravy

  • jfk

    "The resolution’s lead sponsor is Del. Josh Nelson of (Boone) County, and its co-sponsors include Del. Mike Caputo and Del. Tim Manchin, both of (Marion County), and Del. Richard Iaquinta of (Harrison County.)"

    remember these folks on election day

  • jfk

    with all the pressing needs?!

    wonder what tree limb makes pepperoni rolls for a living or on the side?!!!

  • Jenny Griffith

    If this is all they have to work on they need to go home. we need people in charleston to work on jobs, gas prices, death penalty NOT the official wv state food.come on

  • Good Grief

    Lets see...bridges and roads needing repair, failing dams, schools collapsing, underfunded police and fire departments and our legislature spends their days on a generous per diem allotment contemplating the importance of pepperoni rolls.

  • The Sarge

    Great Legislation at work. I think that the pepperoni roll should have been included in all great speaches by our greatest politicians.
    "Ask not what your pepperoni roll can do for you, but what can you do for your pepperoni roll."
    "Four score and seven pepperoni rolls ago"
    "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that pepperoni roll"
    And so on......

  • WestbyGodGirl

    Amen polarbear, amen. Let's go.