First District Congressman David McKinley says he wants to see the U.S. House of Representatives take up a true bipartisan budget bill.

“I am not in Washington just to represent Republicans.  I am there to represent everyone in the First District of West Virginia and they were shut out in this,” Congressman McKinley, a Republican, said on Friday’s MetroNews Talkline.

On Thursday, he was one of ten Republicans to vote against the budget proposal from U.S. House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan.

That budget was approved with a 221-207 vote.  Not one Democrat voted for the bill that, if approved, would make $4.6 trillion in federal cuts over the next decade.

The proposal would balance the budget in that time through reductions to Medicare, Medicaid and other aid to the poor, including food benefits.  It would also repeal the Affordable Care Act, the health care reform law, and create two tax brackets for individuals, 10% and 25%.

Congressman McKinley says he supports some of the Ryan budget but, he says, it should have been more of a bipartisan effort, “When we put a bill before us on the floor, why doesn’t it have bipartisan support?”

He says he voted against the plan because it addresses the Keystone pipeline and opens federal lands to energy exploration, but is silent on coal ash legislation and the value of fossil fuel research.

McKinley says he was also a “no” vote because the budget leaves in place $716 billion in Medicare cuts; lacks reform to foreign aid while hurting U.S. infrastructure and does not protect agencies like the FBI from large cuts.

Second District Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito, a Republican, voted for the Ryan budget during Thursday’s vote.

Third District Congressman Nick Rahall, a Democrat, joined all Democrats in voting against it.

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  • Another Concerned Parent

    I agree with McKinley. Also, where in the Ryan bill are the cuts for foreign aid to nations and people that hate the United States?

  • Scott

    I know these are the reasons I will never vote for Capito for governor voting just as blind as Rahall I think McKinley showed some common sense something rare in Washington. Also neither party is going get anybody to heaven.

  • Damion45

    How can any one budget balance the budget TEN years from now? Didn't they pass a balanced budget law years ago? What happened to it? The only balanced budget which would be real would be an approved one for the next fiscal year...but no one will vote on that happening.

  • Tim C

    Hey brownie,
    I'm sure heaven is packed full of all those dems that promoted abortion, same sex marriage, taking prayer out of schools, removing Christ from every part of our lives. You are so stupid! It's people like you that are destroying this nation with your ignorant blind support for the democrats.

    • jr

      Tim C Dems are not the ones that are ignorant, look who got us into this mess (Rebs) and you have the nerve to call us ignorant. You had better pray that Ryan and his ****** dont get their way.!

      • Tim

        Our current President has us in this mess.

  • Woodchuck0

    We could have gold and blue roads here at home if they would stop sending money to foreigners. Who dreamed up the idea any way?

    Congress needs a budget. Ain't it the president who is to present a budget?

    I do think this is progress and gets the politicians on record for voting.

    Now lets see about the gun bill....

    • vashti

      budget bills must orignate from the house per the constitution.

      • Geno

        The President and the Senate is also required to present a budget.

  • C.Hoffman

    I agree with the no vote but not for all the reasons cited by congressman McKinley. Unless the budget is balanced within the current congress there is no gaurantee future congresses will adhere. It's Kabuki theater in the absurd. STOP SPENDING WHAT WE DON"T HAVE! There's your budget and it's balanced.

  • brownie one gets into heaven without a permission slip from the poor! Bank on that CONservatives!

    • Tim

      Poor were not in the process for getting to heaven. Nobody gets to heaven without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. : D

  • Geno

    4.6 Trillion is not enough and ten years is to long. They keep complaining about Medicare, which does have a payroll to help support it, as does social security, why not take the 2.6 trillion that is owned to social security fund and prop up medicare, until we can do something to medicare to save it. I am tried of hearing about all the debt we have, but still we sent billions oversea's, all I hear is the foreign aid is only 1/2 percent of one percent of the budget, well we have a hugh budget, so the foreign aid is a lot of money. Just recently Hillary wrote a check for 60 million, congress wrote one for 1.5 billion, John Kerry wrote one for 260 million, but we don't have enough money to have tours in the white house?? but we have enough money to fly air force one at 180 thousand dollars per hour, just for Obama to play golf??? The american people better wake up and get these dummies out of office and if we don't do it soon, it might be to late.

  • Roger

    Mckinley proves his colors when he votes with Rahall. He is demonstrating that he see his role as the typical politician rather than a principled conservative.

    I'll be asking him to take me off his mailing list.

    • hillbilly

      I would MUCH rather see politicians actually review and THINK about bills, as McKinley did, than to have them just blindly vote partisan, like Rahall always does...

  • Barry Pavlina

    And this is exactly why the USA is bankrupt.