Update for Sunday, March 24:  Lottery officials say one winning Powerball ticket was sold in New Jersey.  The winner has not yet come forward.  Thirteen other tickets worth $1 million each were also sold.


West Virginia is having a streak of luck when it comes to Powerball and it couldn’t happen at a better time. That’s because this Saturday’s jackpot is at $320 million.

“As sales for the game continue to increase, the jackpot could be even more than that for Saturday night’s draw,” according to Nikki Orcutt with the West Virginia Lottery.

A $320 million jackpot comes up to $198 million if you take the cash option before taxes. But you don’t have to choose all six correct numbers to win big. Just look at what’s happened here in West Virginia in the month of March.

“Over the last two weeks, we’ve had three $1-million winners,” Orcutt said. “One of which has not been claimed.”

That unclaimed ticket was sold last Saturday at the Beckley Little General Store. The person who purchased it got every number right except for the Powerball. Orcutt says it’s proof that it can happen and it could happen to you.

“I know people think West Virginia is a small state so they don’t have a chance,” Orcutt said. “But I can tell you a significant portion of the millionaires that come out of the Powerball game [in 40 states], come from this state.”

If you purchase a Powerball ticket, make sure it’s before 9:59pm Saturday evening. That’s the cut off point.

If no one wins Saturday’s jackpot, Orcutt says she’s not sure what Wednesday’s drawing will be worth but it will add up to a large fortune.

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