Winter just doesn’t want to leave West Virginia. Spring arrived last week but it’s going to feel more like winter this week.

Andrew Beavers, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, says starting Sunday afternoon, it won’t be too bad for anyone.

“Fortunately [Sunday] for the majority of us it looks like it is going to remain a rain event,” explained Beavers.

But when the storm system hits the mountain counties and Eastern Panhandle, it is going to be snow, snow and more snow. Accumulations are expected to hit 12-inches in some areas.

“The northern part of the state and the mountains, of course, are just going to remain cool enough to turn over to snow,” says Beavers.

For north central and southern West Virginia it looks like 2-4 inches over the next 36-hours. As for the rest of us, we’ll see more rain than snow.

“For Charleston and Huntington, it looks like it’s going to remain mostly a rain event until [Sunday] night. Then it is liable to turn over to a little bit of snow,” says Beavers. “We’re not looking for much accumulation.”

But that doesn’t mean the roads won’t be a problem for the Monday morning commute. It will be slushy in some areas, snow-covered in others. So be prepared for a tricky drive.

Beavers says the system is going to linger across the state for much of the week.

“Ordinarily it wouldn’t be a problem this time of year but we’re a little bit below average for temperatures. I think it’s just going to remain cold enough to turn that system over to snow in many places.”

The bulk of the snow will fall within the next 36-48 hours.

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