Eighteen states and Washington D.C. have legalized medical marijuana and now West Virginia representatives are talking about possibly legalizing it here too.

Taylor County Delegate Mike Manypenny introduced H.B. 2230, formally known as the Compassionate Medical Marijuana Use Act of 2013, in hopes that patients with qualifying medical conditions could obtain the marijuana.

The bill would allow patients with serious illnesses to use medical marijuana if their doctors recommended it.

On Thursday, the House Health and Human Resources Committee led a public hearing where West Virginia patients and advocates joined in on the conversation regarding the bill.

Kanawha County resident Terry Lively struggles with MS and she said medical marijuana has allowed her to control her symptoms and be a successful member of society.

“I produced over twenty training films, two years of a monthly cable access show, four documentaries, edited an award winning book, ran my own company, served three years as president of another arts organization while keeping up with a husband and son,” said Lively. “All the while smoking medical marijuana.”

Lively told committee members it is getting increasingly getting to acquire marijuana and urged lawmakers to pass the bill.

Kanawha County resident Chris Yeager addressed the committee on behalf of his brother who lost his life due to prescription drug abuse, or specifically opiate. He believes marijuana could have provided a better outcome.

“It’s been medically proven that medical cannabis will help wean people off of opiate addictions,” said Yeager.

Under the current bill, patients would be limited to six ounces or privately growing up to 12 plants in their homes.

Dr. Paul Clancy is a ER Doctor in Charleston and he told the committee he has seen maybe four cases dealing with marijuana problems.

“I see a lot of substance abuse at work of all flavors, alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, illegal drugs,” said Dr. Clancy. “What I don’t see a lot of is marijuana problems.”

Dr. Clancy said marijuana is safer than a lot of other prescription drugs, has less harmful side effects and can divert a lot of prescription drug abuse.

If the bill was to get passed, it would initially establish five tightly regulated centers across the state in order to provide patients with safe and reliable access to medical marijuana.

The bill currently sits in the House Health and Human Resources Committee.

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  • Tray

    I suffer from ADHD and depression, I have anger issues, lower back problems, knee pains, I have problems sleeping and it's hard to find the appite to eat anything, marijauna helps with everything, it makes the issues ALOT easier to cope with, I believe I speak for everyone with some kind of issue that marijauna helps with that it should defentally be legal in West Virginia, it would help us in need.. It would make room in the jails for the more serious effenders like murders and rapests rather than the low charge none violent- (drug) effenders. It would bring millions Mabey even billions of tax dollars to this state which is much needed. For Everyday each person sitting in jail for these such charges costs the state $68 not including the water they use, or the electric. The jails are so overcrowded inmates are sleeping on the floors, sleeping 3 to 4 inmates in a 2 person cell, this in Inhumane. innocent people are being raped, beaten even killed in jail all because a simple drug charge, their being mixed in the the more serious effenders this is not right, look at what this world has come to all over a simple plant that comes from earth it's self. I believe I've said what I needed to say now please fellow West Virginians, marijauna should be legal to help the ones in need... VOTE YES TO MARIJUANA!

  • wv man

    I live in West Virginia, I have seen the medical system at it's worst, and held the hands of those who have passed from Cancer. I am a Cancer survivor. Without marijuana my life would have turned out very differently. I suffer from PTSD, full body Neuropathy, and spinal degeneration. I have been prescribed more pills that I can count, and none of them work. People want to complain about the effects of Marijuana, well lets talk about side effects of Pills. When the insert, that comes with the medications from the Pharmacy, have more side effects than what is listed for the reasons to take the medication, then I believe we have a problem with the system itself. The problem is greed, Corporate greed and manipluation of its employees. Let us remember, those who work for the pill industry (Doctors) are paid to disagree with Marijuana because marijuana will hit the pockets of Corporations and Doctors who are invested in the pill market. We have battled Marijuana since the 1930's, and with the amount of money this country has spent to irradicate this flower, our country's financial debt would be paid and we would have a surplus of money. The basic definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

  • John Wires

    I was on pain meds for 8 years I lost most the use of one eye from them. (I suffer from congenital eye diseases that usually effect the old since I was a child of 3 years of age.) I have several things else wrong and cannabis has been the only relief I received from the pain that allows me to keep my sight and have a normal life. I can tell you to deny anyone relief because of a rule of law made only by politicians all for the wrong reasons in the 1930's is wrong. We have many medical studies world wide that proves most the negative Nellie's here are still fooled by reffer madness. Do yourselves a fovor. Look up on youtube. " What if Cannabis cured Cancer?" , "Run From The Cure " and "Clearing the Smoke " (a PBS documentary) learn about this medicine and meet the man who set out (Clearing the smoke) to prove the feds had a good stance on pot . He later finds himself in a position he cant beause the government has been and until changed always will be wrong with the current position. Also cannabis was a medicine used from 1800's till 1930's demonized by Harry J. Anslinger so he could keep his job in the prohibition dept of the US government. he tricked Doctors by referring to Cannabis as MARIJUANA. Please before using an ill informed opinion educate yourself rather than use propaganda that has made millions of Americans suffer needlessly in prison and in their health.

  • Cindy Wimer

    I'm a grandmother. I have several medical problems I have used medical cannabis for many years. It helps me to go about a half normal life. I can go to my grandchildren functions If I didn't have cannabis I couldn't do what I do. Why should I have to be a second class citizen because of the medicine I choice. My doctor believes I need it. So please WV wake up. Use the taxes to fix our roads. Help schools. Help rehabs that people that are on meth or worse. Please educate yourself about it. Or I would be glad to talk to you about it. Thank you

  • ashlyn banks

    First of all Medical marijuana should be legal everywhere. If you have a vaporizer or you eat it then it will have absolutely no bad side effects. Why is it that any of us should be able to tell somebody that something that could reduce pain, stop stuttering, lessen seizures, help people with Hiv survive longer, give people appetites, relieve depression without all the horrible side effects regular medicine gives you. Please anybody here that is against it when have you heard of or where is the autopsy report that says something bad happened to somebody for smoking weed...... I'm going to check this daily to see if anybody can show me or prove to me somebody died over smoking weed. I am pretty sure the scariest thing of smoking weed is having to buy it. If they can make it safe make money off of it then I am down for medical marijuana!

  • Glilttergirl

    A comment for many friends that say this is the correct decision!!!! They are getting and have mostly organ diseases from opiate medication!!!

  • Glilttergirl


  • Glilttergirl

    The main point is obvious the right vote,and the government just totally make pot legal,tax it and get this country out of total deficit in a very short time....HELLOOO, HOPE THE GOVERNMENT FIGURES THIS OUT, I MEAN COME ON,LOOK WHAT HAS HAPPENED WITH TAX ON ALCOHOL....make it legal and get out off debt!!!!!!!!

  • Crynsugar

    Has anyone ever heard of low dose naltrexone? or LDN? You can take it for a lot of cancers, auto-immune diseases, Aids, central nervous system disorders. It has no side effects. It can even be taken by pregnant women. The thing is It was used in a 50 mg dose for drug and alcohol abuse. It was found that in smaller doses to help all of these things 4.5 mg or less. But the patent ran out on the 50 mg dose and the drug companies won't pay the millions of dollars to do the drug studies to bring it back out in smaller doses for these uses. So Universities around the world are doing small scale studies along with small individual studies. And patients are demanding it from their Doctors because it works. I take it for Fibromyalgia and my husband takes it for MS. I haven't had a pain in over a year and it took all my husband's MS symptoms away for almost 4 years now. So it is not FDA approved at this dose. It has to be compounded or you can get the 50 mg tablets and crush them and you can go online and find out how to get the dosage right by liquefying it. But first you have to find a DR willing to wright a RX for you. We got ours from our Alternative Health MD. This drug is coming more and more to the forefront. So be watching for it and asking for it. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to at least look at what LDN can be used for on the LDN Homepage.

    • John Dough

      Not all drugs or natural plants work the same for all people. The reason we call it "practicing medicine" is because it is just that practice to learn what learns woks in most or many cases. I am happy to see you got relief from something you are happy with. That don't mean because it works for lets say even 70% of people that it should be the only treatment available .to everyone. put yourself in the shoes of those who only recieve reilef from Cannabis and nothing the Doctor prescribes works. Would you want treatment denied because it didn't fit into society's norm. Take for example the medicine you just boasted. What if tomorrow you go back to the DR. and they say sorry the feds outlawed it and nothing else helped. Would you consider breaking an arbitrary law in order to get relief? I do and am proud to say i care not for mans laws when they cause more harm than good. What is the first part of the Hippocratic oath? DO NO HARM. well when you give meds only because they are legal that only deteriorate the kidney's , liver and lungs (painers) then you are doing harm.

  • Hey man

    Find one case where marijuana has given someone any type of cancer from just smoking it and marijuana only nothing else. You can't! It's a naturally grown plant straight from the earth just like any other plant.

  • trophy hunter

    so called smart people say its devil weed,My rule book said,,And God said,Let the earth bring forth grass,the herb yielding seed,and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind,whose seed is in itself,upon the earth;and it was so. And the earth brought forth grass,and herb yielding seed after his kind,and the tree yielding fruit;whose seed was in itself,after his kind;and God saw that it was good. enough said,,,

  • agginc1

    well let me say this they took my pain meds
    said i was smoking when i was not, so if they
    make it legal then i should my pain meds back
    i need my pain meds more then smoking weed

  • mona

    So those with cronic pain syndrom, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia cannot get relief by putting a little marijuana in their salad or under their tungue like a nitro pill because people are ignorant! Smoking it isn't the only way to use it. I've worked most of my life and the disability I have paid into refuses to give me what I deserve. Because of the stupid politicians and greedy doctors, I take medications that's destroying my kidneys and makes me sleep 10 hours a day therefore decreasing my day to do anything and I still hurt!! Yet, one small pinch of marijuana can make me pain free and not take kidney killing pills.

  • tammy

    It is about time we are addressing this. As a nurse I've had patients tell me that marijuana helps them more than their prescription drugs. Unfortunately, many patients suffer because they do not want to break the law. My own sister died at the age of 44 from pancreatic cancer. She said the nausea and pain was unbearable. Her doctor even recommended trying marijuana but she refused because she didn't want to be stigmatized as a drug addict or break the law. My sister and my patients deserve relief. Please support the legalization of marijuana In West Virginia for the ones that suffer. One day it may be your loved one or even you that needs marijuana.

  • Jim Ashcraft

    .....crazy! With W.V. Leading the Nation in prescription drug abuse and with prisons over flowing with addicts this is just what our state needs? I have been around illicit drugs most of my adult life and have spent close to 33 years incarcerated in Huttonsville a nd Moundsille....it all starts with pot. I don't need to hear from no Dr. that it is a harmless drug.

    • John Dough

      Ok you claim to be a former convict. You claim so many start with pot. Well lets see alcohol is legal . So wouldn't that make it more accessible? Also most convictions involving marijuana are for non-violent offenses. Why would you put a person in a cage with murderers, rapists and other violent offenders? When the only crime they are accused of is using a plant for whatever reasons they have. Your claim is dubious at best. I think you need to educate yourself and study to see it is booze that is the gateway drug.