MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Sophomore guard Aaron Brown, who played in 32 games as a freshman but appeared in only 17 games last season, will transfer from the West Virginia basketball program.

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West Virginia guard Aaron Brown is transferring after playing in only 17 games as a sophomore.

Brown’s departure was expected to be the first of several as coach Bob Huggins retools his roster following the Mountaineers’ 13-19 finish.

The 6-foot-5 Brown was a three-star prospect when he signed with WVU over Temple, St. Joseph’s, La Salle and Richmond.

He averaged 15 minutes per game as a freshman, producing 4.2 points, 1.8 rebounds and shooting 38 percent from the field. Brown’s lone start as a rookie came in the 2012 NCAA tournament loss to Gonzaga.

He appeared more sporadically this past season, when his playing time dwindled to 6.2 minutes per game and he averaged 1.2 points and 0.9 rebounds. His shooting dipped to 24 percent.

Brown started against Marist and Davidson during WVU’s trip to Orlando for the Old Spice Classic last November. His final start came against Virginia Tech on Dec. 8, when he made a 3-pointer in the first four minutes and then spent the remainder of the 68-67 win on the bench.

Huggins has signed four incoming freshmen and said he is seeking another signee or two.

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  • pghmountaineer

    There must be more here than meets the eye.
    It's rare to see a purging of players from a college basketball program. Apparently Coach Huggs made a bunch of mistakes at the same time to see all these kids heading fo the door.
    Anyone in their right mind can't put all the blame on the players.
    This to me is an embarrassment to the program and university.

  • Ricardo

    Barry, I don't need to have played for WVU to understand the sport. I was fortunate enough to have played at the D1 level, which would help me understand the dynamics of a program and coach-player relationships. You on the other hand are speaking out the side of your neck, with knowledge of ONLY what you read. I made a comment to provoke thought of what is likely going on inside WVU's program, but since we are asking questions, what years did you play, basketball? Playground not included.

    • Barry

      To answer your question, I just played High School basketball. My coach didn't cuss me though.

    • Barry

      My point is Ricardo, you are speculating just like everyone else. What I have observed while watching games is a foul mouth, abrasive, degrading coach. If your coach was like that then I am sorry. I have lived in West Virginia all of my life and love this state. He needs to clean it up and treat these young men with some respect. There has been alot of player that have left this coach and I dont think that they all had bad attitudes, and if they did, what does that say about his recruiting?

  • Ricardo

    Some of you people think you know it all...arm chair coaches!! Likely, never suiting up yourself, never being behind the scenes in the film room, never seeing or hearing Coach Huggins interact with his players. Coach Higgins is so aweful that most all if his players stay in touch after leaving, call upon him to mentor them into their own coaching careers, and come back to campus as they prepare themselves for the NBA. Watch another team play and see how their coaches get fired up in game time situations...and if you have ever played a sport before, you would understand the dynamic from a realistic perspective. Believe me, these players were likely cancer and are best suited in the opposing team uniform...if they remain D1. This is the only way to get better...find some better attitudes.

    • Barry

      Well said Ricardo. What years did you play for WVU?

  • Big John

    Apparently none of the three people paid much attention to him as they did not seem to spend much time after practice when no one was there to try to improve their shooting ability or to help improve the team.

  • Barry

    I will be amazed if more players don't leave this degrading, foul mouthed coach. Losing players is a big deal because now we have to start over with three new player that will have to adjust to the yelling and screaming, which I have observed from past players takes about two years

    • rlniland

      This degrading foul mouthed coach didn't seem to have a negative affect on guys like Mazzula, Butler, Ebanks, Ruoff, Alexander, Flowers, Jones, etc., etc., etc.,. Truth of the matter is, a lot of the guys that stuck with Huggs are either coaching or getting paid to play in the US or Europe. The ones that left seem to never be heard from again.

      • Barry

        Yeah, but look at all the players that have left this program in the short amount of time that he has been here. Pepper, Jennings, Forsythe, Brown, Hinds, Gerun....There is a trend here. Either Huggins has turn into the worst recruiter ever or this is a toxic program that kids are running from.

  • Nate

    Never hurts to do an "exit interview" for a departing employee, BUT this isn't an employment situation. Huggins is a coach. Paid to do just that. He has been and will continue to be a premier coach in the NCAA. It's his team, his staff, his players that they recruit. Huggins makes the calls and decisions and he will live and die by them. I trust him just like I do all the other WVU coaches. I hate being micromanaged as I am sure they would too.
    Lets gooooooo Mountaineers!!

  • cutty77

    Hinds is gone to,and so is Geren.

    • Nate

      Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya! Either play to the level and expectations of your coaching staff or move on.

  • Bob

    How about an interview with Brown and ask him some meaningful questions?


      BOB ' $10,000 DOLLARS A DAY' HUGGINS IS AN EMBARRASSMENT TO WVU AND THE FANS. He treats his players very bad. Huggins should be FIRED because of the things he has done on and off the court! He throws his players UNDER THE BUS ALL THE TIME. As long as Jumpsuit Huggins is coach at WVU, I hope they lose every game!

      • DH

        William - so its okay for you to throw someone under the bus??? Just sayin -

        OH, and you can come up with some new rhetoric anytime now, instead of copying and pasting from article to article like your brother big larry.

    • chad

      Right, cause a college kid with an obvious atitude problem is gonna give you meaningful answers.