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Coaches and WVU teammates separate receiver Conner Arlia (foreground) and cornerback Brandon Napoleon (20) after a skirmish erupted during individual blocking drills Tuesday.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — On a pads-popping Tuesday, there also were bouts of helmet-slapping as the West Virginia football team reconvened for its first post-spring break practice.

Two skirmishes broke out during Oklahoma drills, where players engaged in one-on-one blocking situations. Coaches who yanked players out of the scrum one moment were grinning over the intensity the next.

“I liked their attitude and their mentality today,” head coach Dana Holgorsen said. “I like how we came out there and worked. We had a lot of energy, excitement and played a lot of ball. I thought we did pretty good.”

WVU had not practiced since March 21, leaving players fresh on a crisp, sunny afternoon. Most of the work continues to involve fundamentals, skill development and alignment, with Holgorsen saying the team won’t attempt to scrimmage until the days preceding the Gold/Blue game April 20.

“I don’t know where we are at, and I don’t know how good we are going to be,” Holgorsen said. “With nine more practices and approximately 19 more days, we have to get a lot better.

“Then, we have to add another 25 percent of our team to our roster, and we have to go through camp. Nobody knows how good they are going to be from a 2013 win/loss record. I don’t know where we are headed. We just try to wake up and we try and get better every day. That is what spring is all about.”

Senior defensive lineman Will Clarke, who was involved in one of the dust-ups with an offensive lineman, looked strong and agile.

“You guys saw the Oklahoma drill,” Holgorsen said, “and he was dominating in that drill. We couldn’t block him.”

Defensive lineman Korey Harris has been suspended from the team for the spring semester, said Holgorsen, who offered no details on the reason or Harris’ chances of reinstatement.

As a freshman last season, the 6-foot-4, 252-pounder made four tackles in 11 games.

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