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Quarterback Pat White helped West Virginia close its stunning 2007 season with a 48-28 win over Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. Now the former WVU standout is giving the NFL another shot.

The Washington Redskins officially signed former West Virginia quarterback Pat White, who is attempting a comeback after three years out of the league.

White reportedly signed the free-agent contract Wednesday after passing a physical.

Speculation regarding White’s possible role in Washington has been bubbling since the deal was pitched Tuesday. A story by the Washington Post’s Keith McMillan sizes up every imaginable design the Redskins could have for bringing White to camp.

White enjoyed a dazzling career as a protypical dual-threat quarterback at WVU, passing for 6,049 yards and 56 touchdowns while running for 4,480 yards and 47 scores. He steered the Mountaineers to four bowl victories.

His NFL career, to this point, consisted of one disappointing season with Miami after the Dolphins made him a second-round pick in 2009. Appearing 13 games as a wildcat quarterback, White ran 21 times for 81 yards and went 0-for-5 passing.

Cut by Miami during 2010 training camp, White tried to catch on with the UFL’s Virginia Destroyers in 2011, only to be cut after a month of preseason camp.

Why would NFL teams be interested in a 27-year-old White? Primarily because many offensive coordinators are installing some element of the read-option attack. Plus White spent a reportedly intense seven-week session in San Diego honing his passing fundamentals under quarterback guru George Whitfield, Jr.

Some of that improvement apparently showed during his performance at WVU’s March 14 pro day. Several clubs became intrigued for a variety of reasons. For instance the Giants, according to an report, projected White could be useful as a scout-team quarterback to simulate Washington’s Robert Griffin III.

White’s contract with the Redskins spawned an issue involving his status as a plaintiff in the concussions lawsuit against the NFL. He said he suffered symptoms such as perpetual headaches and memory loss after absorbing a knockout blow from the Steelers’ Ike Taylor in 2009, but on Tuesday the quarterback dropped his claim.

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  • Phil M.

    I'm a Mountaineer Alum and a Redskin fan from the cradle. Thrilled at the prospect that he could make the team. Pat was and still is the greatest Mountaineer footballer to date. He can run the read option if he has put on some weight and muscle. It's possible that the Skins could be even more surprised at what they have once camp opens up.

    Go Pat...........Go Skins !!!

  • Keefe

    Grossman is one of the worst fundamental Quarterbacks I have ever seen. Mainly due to the fact he spreads his base to far apart which causes inaccurate passes and shortens his height which is why a lot of his passes get knocked down. No NFL. coach has ever corrected his problem. Makes me wonder why some guys are signed every year but are just mediocre. If they choose him over white and Cousins I would be shocked.


    How many years did you play in the NFL or College level Lee, Jeff and Nobama? If you can't say something positive about one the greatest Mountaineer Football players ever..........don't say anything!

  • lee arthur

    He'll be used and abused than cast aside again.

  • Glenn

    The Skins also resigned Rex Grossman yesterday. He was their 3rd QB last year. In a one on one competition, White could beat him out. Good luck Pat.

    • Jeff

      No Glenn, he could not.

      • cutty77

        Watch and see Pat beat out Grossman.He's lucky he has a Job in The NFL.

  • Truthperme

    RG-3 may be back, but the NFL sidelines QB's due to injury faster than you can say, "shazamm!". So, Pat White, now more mature and more than capable of running their style of offense is a great sign for the 'Skins!

  • Doug

    I'm a long time Mountaineer fan and Jerry West and Pat White are my two favorite Mountaineers. Both were incredibly tough and talented players as well as super humble guys. Best of luck Pat!!!!!

  • mark

    alright pat

  • justme

    Rooting for Pat White maybe the best Mountaineer ever.

  • Randy

    So happy for Pat White. I hope heis successful

  • unclec

    Good luck Pat wish you the best. Thanks for all you did in motown

  • jethro

    he would make a great quarterback coach

  • Nobama

    His head must have stopped hurting when he was offered money. What a joke! If he hurt bad enough to file a lawsuit why does he want to play again.

    • Hilltopsandy

      If you love a sport there is a lot of things you would do to play again, even if you know its not good for you.

    • Wemakerain

      It's a class action suit, he didn't file it just joined in after everyone else did the heavy lifting...if he is signed he will drop out of the suit I'm sure

  • cutty77

    Great news for old number 5.